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Light Leads is a photo article on how light plays role in making the image better and more meaningful. Lighting is considered a very sensitive subject in Photography. Not everyone can get the perfect lighting for a perfect photograph without practice and hard work in learning the lighting in photography.

Here are the images which give the best example of how light leads to the story. In every street photograph, the photograph should tell a story. mainly daily life activities which are actually are simple, but taking those stories with perfect lighting changes the simple to amazing.

Enlightenment through the door
Knowledge is Power
Leading the Light
Led by Light
Light and Shadows
Moving with the Light
On the right spot
There is no place where light can’t reach
Towards pathway of light

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Abin Alex is an Indian-based Photojournalist and is currently an Official Photo Mentor of Canon India. Also the Chief Editor of Creative Huts Magazine, CEO of Alextern Education Pvt.Ltd. And Chairman of the National Education And Research Foundation. Moreover, he is the Director of the Creative Hut Institute of Photography, where aspiring photographers are becoming professionals. With his amazing educating techniques. Furthermore, he holds a Master In Design from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology. And an MBA in Design Management from Annamalai University. Henceforth, he quotes, “Involving myself into art and different creative works was something that I always loved to do from my childhood”. His research has led to making several World records and Excellence awards.

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