Light Mirage by Abiraj M


The landscape of our lives is projected with an illusion of what we require, which is what a mirage is. And if our lives are full of mirages, then they truly are.

A still life is typically a grouping of inanimate things that are organized as the subject in proper composition. It is a unique form where the entire emotion and mood are conveyed through each particular image. There are a lot of elements that make it meaningful. The combination of light and dark are one among them.

Every picture needs to be powerful and effective in conveying the message. The subject being photographed, light used, colors in it, emotions and moods in it, elements being composed with the subject, etc… are all those elements that make the images meaningful.

My book titled “LIGHT MIRAGE” is the the collection of those images with emotion and mood in it. A mirage is an optical phenomenon that happens naturally in which light beams are bent by refraction to create a misaligned image of the distant objects.

The latin term marari, which means “to look at wonder at’’. And that is how this book is named as Light Mirage”. Photography is about conveying a story and portraying the subject’s emotions, with the help of lighting and posture of the subject that plays equal importance as other elements. The pictures in this book reflects these elements.

The pictures of commercial photography importance are captured with a different aspect. Although its challenging to add uniqueness in every picture, it is a great opportunity to apply ones creativity in it. The concept behind each picture makes the picture appear different.

As an aspiring photographer, I loved and enjoyed the experience while shooting for the food photographs, jewelry photographs, lifestyle photographs, and other commercial photographs. As a whole, I find this portfolio book as an encouragement to experience the art and portray it in the pictures.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Abiraj.M from Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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