Everything is spectacular in the right light at the right time, but the darkness must be present for the light to shine so brightly.

Photographers produce images by catching light particles (photons) on a light-sensitive media, similar to how painters apply paint to a canvas to make a painting (film or a digital sensor). As a result, without light, no photograph could ever be taken.For several years, light painting has been gaining popularity as a photography genre. Once the domain of a small group of photographers was involved in this. But now this form of image-making is flooded with artists wanting to establish a name for themselves through beautiful and vivid streaks of light set against pitch-black backgrounds.

Visual arts: Everything you can imagine is real.

Cricket: The bat is not a toy, it’s a weapon.

Light painting is a long exposure photography technique in which artificial light sources are utilized to highlight a subject or to add additional features to the image. We have to set our camera to bulb mode to keep the shutter open for the duration of the exposure. Then we have to place the camera on a tripod and begin photographing the light trace with a long exposure.If we experiment this with a model, then he/she should stand exactly still to avoid image blur. Same trick we can apply in light painting, light trails and steel wool.

Angel: She goes into the darkness to brighten the world


Swirl: Life is an asymmetrical swirl event.

To make things more interesting, play around with different lights, accessories like a feather and of course play around with the flow of the light trails. Long exposures are used in steel wool photography to capture the action of hot embers soaring through the air while spinning burning steel wool. These embers are so hot that they burn brightly, and the camera sensor captures the streaks of light formed as they fly through the air.

Black hole: The way of another universe.

Flash light: Aspiring beam of light.

This chapter “Glorious Gleams” is about painting with light. We may observe steel wool, light painting tubes and light trails in this chapter. We can observe steel wool art that is rather impressive. In tube painting, many patterns of tube painting can be seen as well as light trails that generate bright lines through the car lights. We can see all types of tricks in these pictures.

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