In photography, light is the most vital element. In fact, the Greek terms for light and drawing were combined to produce the word photography. Photographers capture light particles on a light-sensitive surface to generate an image. Photography is impossible in absence of light.

free bird cinders of freedo muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Free Bird: cinders of freedom

Long exposure photography, often known as slow shutter photography, is a cool camera technique that involves leaving the camera’s shutter open for a long time instead of capturing a fraction of a second. To capture and combine the moving objects in the frame while preserving the sharpness of motionless items.

smack the blown kiss muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Smack: the blown kiss

There are many ways to explore long-exposure photography. I’ll show you some examples of the interesting and versatile techniques in long exposure photography is tube light painting. Set your camera on a tripod and keep the shutter in bulb mode to capture the trace of light Then, for the duration of your light shape, hold down the button.

busy world filled with tremdenous happiness muhammed-mushin kannur creativehut
Busy World: filled with tremendous emptines

The craziest type of long exposure photography is Steel wool photography which uses steel wool that’s been set on fire. When shooting with a camera at slow shutter speeds, embers fly as the burning steel wool is whirled around on a thread or string, creating streaks of light.

flying embers to create streaks-of light muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Flying Embers: to create streaks of light

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