Darkness and ignorance can be illuminated by photography.In photography, there are numerous light types, and each one produces a different effect. Luminescence is the emission of light in the optical range of visible, ultraviolet, or infrared light, which is an excess over the thermal radiation emitted by the substance at a given temperature, and continues after absorbing the excitation energy for a time that is significantly longer than the period of the light waves.

The Hidden Way: A continuous, endless ascent to infinity. 


Concealed wings: Always have a secret wing to carry you up.     

The quality of light you utilise is one of the most crucial aspects of any shot when it comes to photography. In photography, “light” refers to the angle at which the light source, which may be artificial or natural, is set in relation to your subject. Your final image’s clarity, tone, emotion, and a host of other factors can all be impacted by the location and quality of the light.

The Wool Sparkler: A form of burning art, the Wool Sparkler.

Long Journey: Bangalore nice ring road

A photographic image is made by gathering different amounts of light that are reflected from various elements in a scene. As compared to bright objects, which reflect more light, dark objects absorb a greater portion of the light and do so. Diverse wavelengths and frequencies of light are reflected by objects of various colours.This chapter focuses on lighting and long exposure. Long exposure is a method that enables photographers to produce distinctive effects that aren’t feasible at conventional or high shutter speeds. Light painting is an illustration of this.

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