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Unique look into blends Luminescence, 24-carat Gold Serum, Hair Refresher, Rose, Green Tea Toner, and Day Cream to achieve stunning beauty.

Luminescence is our skincare product  range of crucial elixirs. While 24k Gold Serum radiates beauty, Rose water & Green Tea Toner hydrates, Hair Refresher treats organically. A Day Cream blends SPF protection with Cleopatra’s saffron secret. The background noise for Azure Elevation is serene and uplifting. Greetings from a universe where beauty has no bounds.

face toner placed on a blue background

Rejuvenation Timeless beauty, modern care.

Experience our Rose water and Green Tea Toner, which combines age-old wisdom with contemporary techniques. hydrates, adjusts pH, and shields the skin. Truck by the splendour of the Indus Valley and Korea. High in rose water and minerals. restores brightness and softness.

conditioner placed on a blue background

Fusion Natural elixir, healthy hair.

Explore our Hair Refresher, which combines rice water and ginger oil in a recipe inspired by South East Asian and Arabic hair rituals. This powerful mixture fights knots, dandruff, and hair loss while strengthening hair care and increasing circulation to the brain. Safe for all hair care types, it provides gentle, natural care without the use of chemical colours, PEG, sulphates, or synthetic perfumes.

day cream placed on a blue background

Radiance Timeless beauty.

Traditional Japanese and Egyptian beauty practices inspired the creation of the stock 24k Gold Serum, a rich blend of lotus oil and 24-carat gold. You carefully blend this exact skincare potion to promote the formation of fibers, slow down the aging process, and leave your skin looking radiant.. With our magnificent 24-carat Gold Serum, embrace timeless beauty.

gold serum placed on a blue background

Glow SPF protection moisturiser.

See our Day Cream, inspired by the saffron secret of Cleopatra and the aloe vera legacy of Ayurveda. Its SPF-infused formula smoothes and revives your skin while providing daily hydration and protection. From sunrise to sunset, a bright complexion is guaranteed by its light, non-greasy composition. Enjoy the fusion of cutting-edge research and traditional knowledge in our revitalising Day Cream.

In Luminescence, the universe of light, beauty blossoms endlessly. Our Day Cream provides SPF protection, 24k Gold Serum embodies timeless allure, Hair Refresher restores hair care, and Rose and Green Tea Toner hydrates and shields. Azure Elevation creates a peaceful and inspirational atmosphere. Step into a world where harmony and beauty coexist harmoniously. Your journey to radiant skincare product nirvana is illuminated with luminous skincare products.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Anandu V and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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