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The technique of capturing light from high traffic, known as light trails, illustrates the frenetic speed of life in cities. Diverse light sources that move over an image can produce different effects that can be used in a creative way.Light painting is a photography technique in which a hand-held light source is used to “paint” or “draw” light into a shot during a long exposure. Painting with light is a popular photographic technique because it is simple to learn, requires no specialized equipment, and produces truly distinctive effects.

Divine Soul: A beautiful soul always dwells in a beautiful world.

Long exposure photography allows photographers to generate effects that would be impossible to achieve with standard or fast shutter speeds. Long exposure techniques include light painting, tube paint, light trails, and so on. Light painting is a technique that involves moving a light source, such as a flashlight, laser, or gloWWw stick, to create different shapes. Tube painting is the technique of painting with a tube.

Circle Of Fire: Hot to the touch

Moving lights such as automobile headlights and taillights, headlamps, street lamps, street lights, and even bicycle lights are used to create art in light trail photography. Light painting is a technique that involves moving a torch in the air to form lines, but highway photography is the most common example of light trail photography.

Light Trials: Right light at right time, everything is extraordinary

Blue hour is the best time to picture light trails. Blue hour overlaps with the well-known golden hour, which occurs just before sunset. The time between sunset and nighttime when the sun is far enough below the horizon to permit blue colours of light to glow in the sky is known as blue hour. Low-light sources are visible during blue hour, but it isn’t so late at night that your entire landscape is engulfed in darkness.

Fire Prison: Fight with realistic hope

This chapter delves deeper into the strategies mentioned above. When the light moves deliberately and purposefully.

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