Photography’s potential to freeze a moment in time is one of its distinctive features. What we perceive in front of us as humans is a continuous cycle of events. The camera, on the other hand, can halt time from flowing forward, allowing us to analyse that fraction of a second. This is only conceivable because of the ability to manipulate fractions of a second.

MAGENTA : Color of universal harmony and emotional balance.

Capturing Motion is a photography technique that may be done with both a slow and a quick shutter speed. The motion is frozen by the fast shutter, and the moving topic is captured in motion.

GREEN : Symbolises life & resurrection.

The shutter speed of a camera determines how the activity in a photograph is captured. A quick shutter speed can stop a hummingbird’s wings from flapping. Slow shutter speeds can cause action to blur or even cause a moving subject to vanish. When you want to take a photograph that freezes your subject’s activity, you must first evaluate the speed of the action.

CENTER OF GRAVITY : Held under water tip.

You may find yourself stalling, delaying, or waiting for things to happen. Sometimes you get the impression that everything you need to make a picture is there in front of you. You wait and wait, and then you hit the button and you leave with the distinct impression that you have got something.

CROWN : Water splash that formed to a crown.

This chapter “Manoeuvre” emphasize freezed moment images by different technique such as Ink Splash and Water Splash photography.

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