Pixel Planet by Manu Joseph


The portfolio “Pixel Planet” is the project prepared with different genres of photography such as Landscape, Birds, Abstract, Architecture, Street & Portrait, Macro, Art & Culture, Wildlife, Fashion, and Product. This book is all about the die with memories and not with dreams. Age or experience doesn’t matter when it comes to life. Just like what one was like in childhood. In the same way, one will behave just before death. The changes happen only in the meanwhile. These can vary from happiness to depression, from anger to calmness, from curiosity to never mindless. And the list goes on. In this big world, one doesn’t possess anything. Furthermore, all are living for something and someone else. And we are the ones who are capable of changing the way it is.

In this portfolio, one can witness the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, which is located in the state of Karnataka. Apart from that, the Gothic fashion theme has been showcased. Which lies mainly on a pleasing sort of horror content with an extension of the romantic literary phase. And with that, the viewers can witness the majestic creature. Which adds beauty to the scenario in several traditional duties.

Manu Joseph, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

manu joseph thrissur kerala

Manu Joseph hails from the district of Thrissur, Kerala is an enthusiastic and enigmatic photographer. For him, photography is something that has got life in it. As a result, he has achieved his portfolio “Pixel Planet”. And he says, “Until and unless we start exploring the possibilities the world might seem to be standing still forever”. He has completed his Professional Diploma in the art of photography from the Creative Hut Institute of photography, Kerala, India.

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