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  Marsh Mates


Uncover ‘Marsh Mates’ in the Alappuzha reserves through bird photography. Here, birds spend time in Kerala’s settings and find food and ease.

“Marsh Mates,” highlights Kerala’s rich bird variety as seen through a series of photos from Alappuzha. Each photograph in this collection shows the variety of species present in Kerala’s settings while showing the amazing world of birds in their natural settings. Discover the photos of Indian Golden Orioles, Western Swamphens, Purple Herons, Ashy Prinias, Tricolored Munias, and Western Olivaceous.

a heron standing wetland

Heron’s Hope Purple heron stalks its aquatic prey.

blue bird standing alone in the field

Swamphen Survey Western swamphen seeks breakfast.

Birds find comfort and food at the peaceful quiet wetlands in Kerala. The Purple heron searches for food, while the Western Swamphen stalks its watery prey with patience. Photographed so well that it captures the rich diversity of Kerala’s bird life. From the regal Indian Golden Oriole to the adorable Tricolored Munia.

yellow bird singing on branch

Golden Oriole Musical notes from oriole’s beak.

Bird sitting on a small tree

Leafy Warble Western olivaceous warbler rests on shrubbery.

The Indian Golden Oriole, meanwhile, sits peacefully among the small branches of a leafless tree and charms with sounds coming from its beak. Bird photography immortalizes this moment. It capturing the essence of the Oriole’s beautiful notes resonating from its beak in the peaceful surroundings. Each appealing shot in this collection captures the distinct beauty of birds in Kerala’s green settings.

bird hanging on a cotton plant

Ashy Prinia Prinia glides gracefully over thin shrub.

tricoloured munia swinging

Tricoloured Munia Munia perches delicately on vine.

In the world of “Marsh Mates,” Alappuzha, Kerala, turns into a refuge for bird life, preserved through amazing photography. See the Western Olivaceous Warbler, its delicate presence brilliantly highlighted against a backdrop of lush leaves. It finds refuge among leafy shrubs. As all of this is going on, the beautiful Ashy Prinia glides across a thin bush, her dance with the wind beautifully captured. Every shot in this collection illustrates Kerala’s rich diversity of birds as captured by the photographer.

This collection shows beautiful bird photography in Alappuzha. The Tricoloured Munia is one among them, hanging lightly on a vine. These photographs capture the essence of birds in their native environments, highlighting Kerala’s rich nature, from Ashy Prinias to Purple Herons. Finally, “Marsh Mates” brings its bird voyage to conclusion by showcasing the peace of Birds photography in Kerala. The collection’s final photograph, which depicts the peaceful relationship of nature and birds in Kerala’s settings, beautifully conveys the variety of species.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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