Macro Photography | Insects

Nature is the gift of God and the beauty in everything found in nature is just unable to explain in one word. Hence, I was simply amazed to see the real beauty of all those tiny insects that I tried to capture. Furthermore, marvels of nature is a photo story where I brought those wonderful creatures from their world. Hope this photo story makes you enjoy nature’s beauty. As well as introduce you to the world of tiny beings which are unknown for a while.

Beady Eyes: Pull your weight
Melding: Keep a low profile
Take wing: Live a fruitful life
Mystifying: Find a cozy den
Commingle: Marvels of nature
Pilferer: Climb beyond your limitations
Stunned: See the big picture

On the whole, macro photography genre is one of the most exciting from the rest. As it helps us to understand our nature in many different ways. And also change our perspective towards the beings.

Photographs by: V Elango, Tamil Nadu

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