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 “An ancient myth”

In India, Kerala state is well known for its culture and art form, which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Kerala is said to be the home of ancient art forms. Mayilattam is one of them.

Accepting Mayilattam: The Ritual Dance Style

Mayilattam is a captivating art form that is performed at temples honoring Murugan, also known as Lord Subrahmanya, the renowned Hindu god, in the heart of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This holy dance, which has its roots in reverence and adoration, reveals a celestial show that enthralls both residents and visitors.

keenly observing dedication when taken to the next level becomes perfection ebin ernakulam creativehut

Keenly observing : Dedication when taken to the next level becomes perfection.

Mayilattam’s Capabilities in Peacock-Inspired Clothes

A Divine Metamorphosis: Turning Into the Vahana
Within the elaborate Mayilattam tapestry, the actor experiences a mesmerizing transformation into the beautiful peacock, Lord Murugan’s sacred “Vahana,” or vehicle. The performer’s back is covered with a variety of colorful peacock feathers, and the outfit is an exact replica complete with a peacock beak.

art and culture photography ebin p j
slow beginnings phase to phase traveling takes consiistency and hardwork ebin ernakulam creativehut

Slow beginnings : Phase to phase traveling takes consistency and hard work.

Complete Outfit: The Detailed Peacock Costume

The performer’s entire look is an expression of her commitment to her craft. The whole outfit is made to look like the plumage of a peacock. With only a small tug of a thread, its clever construction allows it to be opened and closed, giving the dance a more dynamic flare.

mayilattam art and culture photography ebin ernakulam creativehut
mirror guided applying layers-of-tradition and cultures ebin ernakulam creativehut

Mirror guided : Applying layers of culture and tradition.

Mayilattam’s Artistry: Accuracy in Practice Balancing Act: Dancing on Raised Wooden Platforms

Mayilattam is more than just a dance; it’s an endurance and skill test. Performers on tall wooden platforms fastened to the tips of their feet are performing this intricate dance. The rigorous requirements of this advanced level necessitate extensive training, demonstrating the discipline and dedication of individuals committed to learning Mayilattam.

art and culture photography-ebin p j ernakulam creativehut
clearing all hurdles perfecting-each-and-evrythings-ebin ernakulam creativehut

Clearing all hurdles : Perfecting each and every minute things.

Uncovering a Tradition: Mayilattam Throughout Hindu Holidays

During Hindu holidays, Mayilattam is performed as a sacred ritual that bestows the divine presence of the god Murugan on the temples. Originating in the temples of Tamil Nadu, this esteemed art form has made a home for itself in the hearts of Keralans, progressively becoming a valued aspect of their cultural legacy.

mayilattam photography ebin creativehut
mayilattam ebin ernakulam
main focus diverting the main-attention-to-the-most-desirable-segment in the talent of an artist ebin ernakulam creativehut

Main Focus : Diverting the main attention to the most desirable segment in the talent of an artist.

A Magnificent Harmony of Customs and Skill

Mayilattam is a tribute to the rich cultural fabric of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, with its grace akin to a peacock and its devotion to Lord Murugan. Mayilattam is a divine symphony that touches people’s hearts and temples with its magnificent performances, elaborately made costumes, and committed practitioners.

mayilattam art photography ebin
step by step always curiously-and-eagerly-waiting for the transformation ebin ernakulam creativehut
art and culture photography ebin ernakulam

Step by step : Always curiously and eagerly waiting for the transformation

revealing beauty the beauty which was hidden now turns out-be visible ebin ernakulam creativehut

Revealing beauty : The beauty which was once hidden now turns out be visible.

mayilattam photgraphy work ebin
off to time light satisfying-my-own-passion is one rough job ebin ernakulam creativehut

Off to time light : Satisfying my own passion is one rough job.

let me all the attention just grab me ebin ernakulam creativehut

Let me : All the attention just grab me.

open your eyes seeing with your-eyes and watching with your mind is different ebin ernakulam creativehut

Open yours eyes : Seeing with your eyes and watching with your mind is different.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Ebin P J, Ernakulam,Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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