Meenakshi Shaji

Ernakulam, Kerala

Photographer | Cinematographer
Designer | Photo and Video Editor

Photography is more than just capturing images; it is my personal journey of storytelling through a lens. It is my way of freezing moments, encapsulating emotions, and preserving memories in a tangible form. Photography, to me, is a never-ending exploration, a timeless pursuit of capturing the essence of moments and weaving them into stories that will endure.

I am Meenakshi Shaji, from Ernakulam, Kerala. I completed my Twelve years of formal education. Thereafter, I completed my Professional Diploma in Art of Photography and Cinematography as well as KGTE in photography from Creative Hut Institute of Photography in 2023. I have also completed Director of Photography (NSQF level 4) under the Media and Skill Council.

During my course program I have created my photography portfolio named “RHYTHM OF CULINARY” and also a cinematography portfolio, along with a Brand book on digital marketing. I am eager to pursue careers as both a commercial photographer and a cinematographer. With unwavering dedication, I put forth my utmost effort into every project I undertake. In my perspective, photographers and filmmakers alike share the common aim of creating impactful and enduring art forms.


Almondos : Almonds exudes richness.
Fiery : Rolled chips with spicy.
Luscious : Assorted elite cakes.
Ravishing : Red halwa ignites senses.

Rhythm Of Culinary by Meenakshi Shaji

Captivating food photography revealing the rhythmic essence of culinary delights, where flavors and textures dance in harmony. Enter a world where textures sing, flavours dance,...

FX Shoot by Abdul Kadar Fayid P

A brand book can also be called a brand bible, a brand style guide or a brand guide, among other similar terms. Essentially, it’s...



“Embrace the captivating “Prelude” chapter of “Rhythm of Culinary,” where rhythm and photography harmoniously celebrate the art of food.” Come to the attractive “Prelude” chapter...


“Discover ‘Tempo’: Delve into the captivating world of cupcakes, where flavors and textures harmonize to create delightful masterpieces.” Explore the magical world of cupcakes in...


“Experience the Pulse: Join us in the ‘Pulse’ chapter as we delve into the rhythmic delights of various dried fruits.” The captivating chapter titled “Pulse,” ...


“Captivating food photography showcases the rhythmic essence of Lays chips, inviting readers to indulge in a symphony of flavors and textures” Take a deep dive...


“Capturing Wheat Flour: Delve into the graceful motion of flour in the ‘Sync’ chapter, revealing its culinary artistry through photography.” In the chapter “Harmony ,”...


“Capturing Wheat Flour: Delve into the graceful motion of flour in the ‘Sync’ chapter, revealing its culinary artistry through photography.” The fascinating concept of sprinkling...


“Sweet Delights explore the artistry of flavored sweets through photography, capturing intricate designs and alluring scents in this chapter ‘Groove’.” In the chapter “Groove,” the...


“Photography brings creamy cakes to life, capturing intricate designs and flavors. Discover the artistry and savor the delights.” In the chapter “Beat,” the fine skill...
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