Meraki by Sheryl Denton


When you cherish doing something so much, to the point that you put your passion and love into it. Whatever you’ve done has a lasting impact on your soul. This is sometimes referred to as our zest. But I’m not referring to the amount of effort we put into our professions. I’m referring to what we do when we want to connect ourselves with others that matter to us. we care about. Each of us leaves a piece of ourselves behind. That shared moment is the time when the benefactor of your gift will feel your presence for the rest of their lives.

You can achieve something you never thought imaginable when all of the elements come into place and you combine your passion with your ability.
The majority of people have no idea what they want to do with their careers when they grow up. Those who do typically discover later in life that they made a mistake. It’s rare to lose interest in what you once considered a true calling. If you follow the circle, your creative soul will be rejuvenated, enlivened, and awakened.”

“Learn to be kind to yourself and to give priority to your inner critic.” Over time, you’ll realize that your shadow is one of your finest teachers, I put my soul into whatever I do, whether it’s doing something with soul, creativity, or love”.

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