Messengers of nature


Wherever we go,we can find birds chirping around.There are numerous species of birds with distinct characteristics .Birds are also referred as the messengers of nature.Although there are many tales and legends about various birds, in general they are a symbol of happiness and freedom.

Vibrant creatures

One of the most stunning and colourful creatures that can be found around us is the bird, commonly known as the Aves.There are around 9000 bird species on this globe, ranging in rarity from the Giant Ibis to the Myna, from the largest ostrich to the smallest hummingbird. Some vultures may touch the sky while some birds like penguins have lost the ability to fly.These beautiful creatures can fly,jump,walk,float and some can even swim under the water.

A member of the bee eater bird family

Blue tail Bee eater: A member of the bee eater bird family

Though there are numerous species of birds with distinct characteristics, they share some common features .Birds are all warm-blooded creatures. They have light weight skeletons made up of hollow bones.All birds have wings ,though all can’t fly.All of them lay eggs. They have toothless jaws with beaks and body covered with feathers.

The bird with a melodious voice

Red-whiskered bulbul: The bird with a melodious voice

A bird of drongo family found in southern Asia
A bird of Drongo family found in Southern Asia

Fork tailed Drongo: A bird of Drongo family found in Southern Asia

Great Eagret : Often found near ponds, streams and rivers

Great Eagret: Often found near ponds,streams and rivers.

Species of birds

We can’t see all birds everywhere. Every bird has its certain habitat while some migrate to different places. If we spend some time in nature , we can easily see these beautiful singing in their melodious voices.Birds in general are referred to as omens and they are are also known as the messengers of nature.There are certain urban legends around various species of birds. The peacock symbolises rain and good weather.

Known as Snake bird

Indian Darter: Also known as Snake bird

The King of fishing

Common Kingfisher: The king of fishing

In Greek mythology,crow is a symbol of bad luck while in some parts of India,the caw of a crow indicates arrival of a guest.In India, an owl’s hooting is a terrible omen, however certain cultures view them as royal birds and successful omens. Robins are a symbol of good luck while vultures symbolize an abundant place. According to Egyptian mythology, the whole universe was created by a bird named Bennu.

Widely distributed in South Asia

White Throated Kingfisher: Widely distributed in South Asia.

The pride of Bangladesh

Magpie Robin: The pride of Bangladesh

Found in South India

Southern Hill Myna: Found in South India

A long tailed wandrer

Rufous Treepie : A long tailed wandrer

A small cormorant bird

Black cormorant : A small cormorant bird

The Tuskers

Elephants always have been friendly with man, but man has always been a threat to them. Every year, poachers kill a lot of elephants for their ivory.

Today, the population of elephants is facing a great threat. There are no more than 30000 wild elephants left in India. Elephants are disappearing by 10% in every 5 years.The major reason behind this is the shrinking habitats and illegal poaching activities.Lions, tigers, and hyenas attack a very small number of elephants.In actuality, man attacks the majority of them. These elephants are incredibly compassionate, loving, and grieving. They are very friendly unless provoked. Now the question arises, will we be able to spot these elephants in these grasslands in the coming years?

Elephants grazing in the grassfields of Munnar

Beginning from end: Elephants grazing in the grassfields of Munnar


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