Photography is more than just capturing the environment around you; it also has a strong creative component. The camera and lens are the instruments of the photographer, just as paints and brushes are to a conventional artist, and they can be used to produce painterly masterpieces!

Amber : Another planet
Sphere : Sphere full of colors

Abstract photography is difficult to define, but it is often defined as the art of photographing subjects in a way that does not strive to reflect exterior reality, but rather seeks to accomplish its effect through the use of shapes, forms, colours, and textures.

Some have peeling : Rougher bark in later life
Rough : First line of defence

Abstract photography, also known as non-objective, experimental, or conceptual photography, is a method of expressing a visual image that has been made using photographic equipment, methods, or materials and has no immediate relationship with the object world.

Loxodonta : Wrinkles like road in the skin
Cutis : You can tell the age by looking at the body

An abstract photograph may isolate a portion of a natural scene to remove its inherent context from the spectator, or it may entail the use of colour, light, shadow, texture, shape, and/or form to communicate a sense, experience, or impression. The image can be formed with standard photography equipment like a camera, darkroom, or computer, or it can be created without a camera by altering the data directly.

Rocher : The primitive man’s art
Téchni : The arts are immortal.

There has never been a widely accepted definition of “abstract photography.” Everything from completely representational images of abstract subject matter, such as Aaron Siskind’s photographs of peeling paint, to entirely non-representational imagery created without a camera.

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