Miniature World – Insects Photography


As part of Wildlife – Insects photography, here is the special photo article comprised of stunning photographs made of insects of Kerala.

Miniature world – Insects of Kerala

Kerala harbors a wide range of insects including beetles and ant species. Furthermore, butterflies and moths are seen fluttering across the forest stopping by at their chosen blossoming flowers. Hence, a horde of spider species is seen busy spinning their webs.

Life’s most mesmerizing scents..

Speaking of seasonal changes, I like to tell you that my favorite season is the wet weather, which you call monsoon. As the first rain set in, the fresh scent of the earth is one of life’s most mesmerizing scents, but of course, other than that of an earth’s scent has a name. It is called ‘Petrichor’. Moreover, bacteria, the world’s tiniest perfumers, produce this fragrance. And all this while you are giving full credits to rain. Weren’t you?

Well, that’s the beauty of nature. Everyone has a part to play. Coupled with the bacteria, the fungi, or parasites balance the ecosystem at the lowest level by killing trees and animals, readily making them food for the hungry ones. Plus there is a whole world of insects creeping and flying around the jungles. Altogether everywhere you look, you’ll find one-or dozens of the six-legged creatures called insects.

Locust: A rare insect belonging to Grasshopper family
Spider: Spiders feed mainly on the flesh of insects or other tiny creatures, as well as birds and mice too
Indian Hornet: The giant Indian hornets are the world’s largest wasp. Its bite is very painful and it gets swelling to the whole area
Indian Wasp: The yellow colored Indian Wasp has very powerful sting. Indian wasp mostly make their hive near to houses or at garden area
Grasshoppers: is a group of jumping insects. They range in color from green to brown and may have yellow or red markings on it
Stick Mantis: There are almost 2300 species of mantis described. Since some people keep praying mantis as a pet
Stink Bugs: A type of bugs which are also called Shield bugs
Damselflies: These flies are very similar to dragon files and eat other insects for living

Miniature denizens

These miniature denizens, with their vast diversity and huge abundance, are the central link to my jungle’s conservation. Henceforth, at one end of the spectrum, they shape the landscape by churning the soil, mixing the minerals, and creating life-giving compost from the dead. On the other end, they set the food chain rolling, right from pollination of flowers to becoming dinner of birds and animals, sometimes of human beings.


Pranavika MohitePatil, Pune, Maharashtra

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Pranavika Mohitepatil. Thereupon, their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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