Minimalist Aesthetics by Abhiram M A


Photography is an art. Setting up a huge setup for photography is not a big deal but taking beautiful photographs with limited props is the real art. And here, angle, lights and shadow is what matters, and I feel minimalism more aesthetic. In my portfolio named, MINIMALIST AESTHETICS’ I have tried to bring this art of minimalism.

About Author

For me Photography is my happiness. Whenever I got bored, I used to take camera and roam around at home. So that I could find something interesting. Sometimes it would be birds, sometimes insects; whatever categories does it belongs to, it doesn’t matter.

Happiness is what matters. While using camera and doing photography, I feel so excited. And it makes me happy. These are the reasons that I always stay connected to photography and selected photography as my career.

Abhiram M A, Thrissur, Kerala


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