Modish Vogue


Fashion which shows your personality as well as your attitude and your existence.  A true fashion style is never good or bad, rather it depends on you which fashion you choose and for which purpose.  A good fashion speaks about you without saying anything.

Flared lehenga : Wear a lehenga to uphold Indian traditions.

The most inclusive phrase, ‘fashion’ refers to any preferred way of dressing, sketching, writing, or performing at any given time or location. The current fashion trend frequently suggests a particular style worn by people with tastes. All of us must wear clothing, and each item we buy reflects our unique preferences. Fashion is a trendy way to promote ourselves and exude confidence. Not just your attire, shoes or other accessories, but also our general demeanour and actions matter. It might be different for every person. Some individuals copy someone else’s style and refer to it as fashion, while others may simply design something on their own.

Ethnic sherwani : Be royal and elegant in your sherwani.

Sherwanis and Lehengas were a favourite among both men and women in the late 18th century. Lehengas and sherwanis are worn informally by Indians only on special occasions. Sherwani and Lehenga were common dresses during the 18th century in North-West India. It is understandable that patterns and fashions have evolved over time to reflect national tastes and culture.

Silk saree : Saree is the epitome of  grace and beauty.

In the 19th century, the Double Breasted suit was very popular among the men of England and Indian Royal Women were interested in Saree mostly. At first, these were only worn by the people of the Royal family, but with the passage of time, they became popular all over the world. It is now worn at offices, weddings and special occasions too. But the designs vary in every field. Men’s suits and women’s saree show freedom and power.

Double breasted suit : A well tailored suit always stands out.

An overcoat is a specific kind of knee-length coat meant to be worn as the top layer of clothing. Sometimes it is referred to as topcoats. Outer Coats are the collective term for topcoats and overcoats. Topcoats, in contrast to overcoats, are typically constructed from lighter-weight materials like gabardine or covert, whereas overcoats are more frequently used in the winter when warmth is more crucial.

Dapper : Fashion fades but our style is eternal.

The background colour is generic pink which is a shade of orange peach with a little bit of generic grey which depicts love, romance and positivity. Generic grey symbolises being simplistic, graceful, and something classic. This chapter is based on analogue colours being used (Dark Black, Dark Red, Dark Pink, Dark Grey, Dark brown) which depicts competition, comfort, softness, energy, simplicity, and modernity.

Vogue : Be your own unique fashion designer.

Along with filling your mind with enthusiasm and calming your mind, morning light works to awaken new hope in you. The fresh and soft light creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Just like that, these outfits give us positive energy which affects our personality by giving a positive attitude. This chapter is based on the modish dress which came into vogue during the 16th to 18th centuries

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