Momentous Tales by Ajaykumar S.A


The “Momentous Tales” portfolio is the project mainly focused on forgotten things yet valuable in history. It usually emphasis on architectural photography along with other genres such as Landscapes, Abstract, Birds, Art & Culture, Street, Portrait, Fashion, Products, and Food. This book is all about the great stories and tales of the ancient which got merged in with modern traditions and lost its essence.

Stories and tales always are the representation of the forgotten past and imaginations. When it is simply passed on to generations many people will not believe they are true. Hence, some of them had been ignored and washed away. But, those tales which are carved in stones and got photographed are momentous. They remain for longer periods and illustrate the past. So, the wonders of India never lost its novelty and stands proud from generation to generation.

Ajaykumar S.A, Pathanamthitta, Kerala

ajaykumar s a pathnamthitta kerala

Sometimes there is much more to life than just living by, there are some moments worth holding on tightly. They may be our precious moments of birthday celebration, wedding ceremonies, and even our childhood. A photographer just saves those precious memories a moment for you to hold closely. He saves that time by capturing it with his camera from going away with the teeming time. And then he frames it.  So he is a fame seeker who always seeks for frames. Ajay Kumar wishes to be just that frame seeker looking out for frames of beauty, emotions, and variety. And in this way, he has completed his “Momentous Tales” portfolio. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from the Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Ajaykumar S A, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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