Mom’s Maggie by Sweta Ray


The boring and never ending classes are finally over. Students are coming out of the main gate of a college building with tiring faces. In front of that gate Deepak, a boy from another department is waiting for his friend Adarsh with a backpack. He is a 6 ft tall, neutral skinned boy with a fully untrimmed beard, wearing a white shirt and light blue jeans. Finally Deepak has noticed that Adarsh is coming towards him. Adarsh is a 5’6 ft boy with fair skin and clean shaved beard, wearing a printed black colored shirt and blue jeans, with a backpack.

They are shaking their hands and greeting each other. Deepak tells Adarsh that he is very hungry. He wants to go to the college kitchen to make noodles. Adarsh is also agreeing with him that he is hungry too. They both go away.

After coming to the kitchen, Deepak takes out a Mom’s Maggie packet from his bag, shows the packets to Adarsh and asks him to wait for only two minutes. The mesmerizing smell of the Mom’s Maggie spreads all around the kitchen in just 2 minutes. They take the smell wholeheartedly. They sit together with the bowl in their hands to enjoy the food. They pour a spoonful of noodles in their mouths with absolute satisfaction. Deepak tells Adarsh that finally he is getting peace after a long tiring day. Adarsh agrees to that.

Another Day

Deepak is waiting outside the main gate for Adarsh as usual. He is wearing a black-green check shirt and grey jeans. It’s too late but Adarsh is not coming. Suddenly one classmate of Adarsh comes out and Deepak asks him if he has seen Adarsh. That boy with neutral skin is wearing a grey-brown check shirt and light blue colored jeans. He nods his head and says that Adarsh is not in the class. Being tired of waiting Deepak goes towards the kitchen.

Deepak finds out that Adarsh is talking to a girl from their college, facing each other on a pathway near the kitchen. Adarsh is wearing a grey jacket and blue jeans. The girl is wearing a black and white sweater along with black pants. She ties a casual bun and has a dusky skin tone. They are laughing out loud while talking to each other. Deepak can not hear what they are talking about. He walks towards Adarsh and says that it is their Mom’s Maggie time. The girl is looking at him with a question mark in her eyes. Adarsh shouts at Deepak if he can not see that he is busy right now. He also says that he does not want to eat Mom’s Maggie at that time.

Deepak feels humiliated and returns to the kitchen disappointed. He sits on a sofa to open his bag to take out his water bottle. He drinks the water and while putting back the bottle he finds a packet of Mom’s Maggie in his bag. He takes out the packet. He starts to make Mom’s Maggie. First, he pours water in the electric cooker and adds noodles. Then he cuts the spice packet with a scissor, pours in the cooker and starts to mix it. All his sadness starts to disappear while cooking. After he mixes the spices the smell of Mom’s Maggie makes him forget everything. He serves the noodles in a bowl, sits and starts to eat. The only thing he focuses on right now is Mom’s Maggie. He realises that his friend can leave him but Mom’s Maggie never will. He walks out of the kitchen and continues to walk through Adarsh and the girl while they are standing and talking hand in hand. Adarsh and the girl look at him with confused faces. Deepak stops and keeps on eating noodles with a smile on his face.


All the Story, Script, and Cinematography in this post are copyright of Sweta Ray, West Bengal, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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