Motion but Frozen


The capacity to freeze motion in time is what “Motion but Frozen” is all about. As humans, we experience the world around us as a series of events that never comes to an end.

Milky Way: The Milky Way was started with a spinning. ball.

However, the camera can halt the events with just a click, allowing us to analyze every fraction of events. Capturing motion is all about freezing action mid-air. The key to capturing any kind of fast motion is to use a faster shutter speed and burst mode.

Tornado Tennis Ball: The water drop in the form of a tornado faucet.

Sometimes a little bit of blur can be a good thing, as it gives a sense of motion. Our eye naturally fills in the gaps and assigns a particular gesture to these kinds of images.

Scooter: The race towards its destination.

Motion blur is a motion photography technic to show fast-moving objects. You’ve probably experimented with this style when shooting streets at night. Using a low shutter speed, you can show fast-moving subjects and contrast them against the crisp background.

Auto: A smile on the face returning home from work

It’s very important to use a tripod so that your camera is steady and you can capture the background well instead of capturing one big blur.

Towards Infinity: Trying to reach the end.

Motion photography can communicate mood. It can give your photographs a unique look, especially if the objects strongly imply movement. It is a great way to capture the emotion, expression, or joy in images.

Red-Green: The color clash.

In motion, photography panning and splash photography are commonly found. Panning is a motion blur technique that blurs everything but your subject and splash photography is a creative way to capture the exact moment the water splashes.

Spill: Spilled water is not picked up again.

The chapter Motion but Frozen contains various images of spinning balls, panning, ink splash, and water splash photography.

Umbrella: A splash of water formed into an umbrella.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Jobin Thomas, Changanasserry, Kottayam, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. A photography school in Kerala called Creative Hut gave him a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography. It is illegal to copy them, in whole or in part, without the permission of the rightful owners.

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