The movies I’ve aimed and the plays I’ve aimed represent my convictions.Photography has become an essential part of our lives. From capturing memories at special occasions to documenting everyday life, we rely on cameras to capture moments in time.  Photography is a skill that requires patience and persistence.

Turquoise : Feel like a sea wave

Blonde : Warm yellows are really a part of living

Motion in photography refers to the movement of objects or people within a photograph. It can be created by moving the camera itself, or by moving the subject(s) being photographed. This technique is often used to add interest to a photo, but it can also be used to make a photo more interesting by showing action or movement. This technique was popularised by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who coined the term “decisive moment”.

Detachable: Pale red & blue in colour

Royal blue : Something blue is the same hue as the sky on a clear sunny day.

 From the very beginning, artists have tried to show the movement of nature through their work. But with the rise of photography, many people thought that the only way to truly show off nature’s beauty was to stop time and freeze it. This led to the creation of still life paintings, where everything in the painting is still and not moving at all.

Purplish : Between red and blue in colour

It’s peacock coloured: Dark blue-green in colour

Art and Motion in Photography is a way of thinking about how to make images move. It’s about understanding the relationship between the subject matter and the camera. It’s also about understanding the relationship between light and shadow, and how they can be manipulated to create interesting effects.In this chapter I divided the motion photography into Water splash, Balloon splash and Ink splash.


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