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Mullick Bazaar


“Mullick Bazaar” displays the pulse of Mullick Ghat’s flower market, immortalising the bustling rhythm of Kolkata’s market.

Mullick Bazaar unveils the dynamic pulse of Mullick Ghat’s flower market through a collection of fascinating photographs. Each image captures the rhythm of street life which portrays vendors immersed in their daily routines. Through the lens of Kolkata’s flower market photography, the streets of Mullick Ghat comes alive binding the stories of streets. In these images, the essence of Kolkata’s streets comes to life, revealing the city’s unique charm and spirits.

Blossom beginnings of a flower vendor

Blossom Beginnings A vendor starts the day prayerfully.

First photograph of Mullick Ghat captures a flower vendor amidst a sea of blooms. He is beginning his day with a solemn prayer.  Surrounding vendors engage in their lively trade, enveloping the market in a vibrant atmosphere. The busy Mullick Ghat markets in the early morning brim with lively energy. It carries spiritual essence, echoing Kolkata’s vibrant daily life.

Vendor vision while making garland

Vendor Vision A vendor creating beautiful floral garlands.

A vendor in Mullick Ghat skillfully weaves colourful flower garlands, surrounded by red and white blooms on display. His red attire complements the vibrant garlands, creating a picturesque scene in Kolkata’s marketplace.

Vendor lane in Mullick Ghat

Vendor Lane Busy Mullick Ghat Pathways.

Image captures the busy flower market of Mullick Ghat where people carry heavy sacks on their heads showcasing the rhythm of street life. In this vibrant scene of flower market photography, individuals navigate the crowded pathways, each carrying their own burden.

Street conversation of two sellers

Street Conversations Two vendors in conversation.

In the heart of Mullick Ghat market, amidst a maze of flowers, two vendors engage in lively conversation along a narrow pathway. One vendor rests while the other carries a sack of dals. This image portrays the essence of daily interactions and commerce in the streets of Kolkata.

Through the “Mullick Bazaar”, the daily life of Mullick Ghat’s flower market is captured. The lively morning scene and the bustling rhythm of street life is shown. These fascinating images offer a glimpse into the daily interactions and commerce, where the street life of Mullick Ghat comes alive with every vibrant petal and bustling vendor. Kolkata’s flower market photography immortalizes the spirit of Mullick Ghat. It paints a vivid portrait of Kolkata’s bustling streets and the timeless allure of its morning rituals.

 Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Aparna R and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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