Mystic Grapho by Mohammed Muhsin


Photography is a magic thing. A thing that has mysterious odours, a little strange and frightening, something one quickly grows to love – Jacques Henri Lartigue.

For me, photography is a magical drawing with light. Photography is the best magic that exists. In its simplest form, it captures a moment gone and preserves a place and time unchanged on its two-dimensional plane. Nobody realizes how magical photography is. It is incredible that we can record visual space in a fraction of seconds and make the precious moment eternal. Before Joseph Nicephorus’s Niepce captured the first photograph in the world in 1826, capturing a visual space was unimaginable and impossible to the world. It took almost 9 hours for him to capture the photo then. but now within a fraction of a second, we can capture an image.

Every single time I capture an image I am freezing a moment in the present that can take me to the past in my future. Photography definitely feels like it fits that description! Camera technology has come a long way from when the first photos were captured in the 19th century. It’s now possible to create truly magical results with a camera.

To me, photography is an augmented the reality, by putting my viewfinder or LCD screen to the world, it becomes more vivid and interesting. With the camera in my hand, the world becomes exciting and fun. I feel the whole world is my opportunity to explore and make beautiful visual art from whatever I see.

In this portfolio, I want to show some magical-feeling photos I have taken. From incredible effects to crazy studio shoots, show you the magic I can make with my lens. So let’s jump into MYSTIC GRAPHO.


All the Photos and text in this post are copyright of Mohammed Muhsin, Kannur, Kerala, India, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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