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“Mythical” creates a fun patchwork of Kummattikali Symphony, a classic dance form, by fusing colourful masks with rhythmic grace.

Meet the world of Kummattikali, a hypnotised dance form that combines passion and tradition. This Indian dance form is explored in “Mythical,” which has bright hues and expressive masks. As each dance reveals a work of artistic excellence in Kummattikali’s Enduring heritage, discover the cultural richness and gracefulness.

crimsonwhispers red mask is looking towards the frame

Crimson Whispers Amidst the sea of red, a hint of blue.

A dramatic crimson mask appears in the gripping Kummattikali show, penetrating through the enthusiastic audience. A enigmatic half-blue-shaded face peers intriguingly beyond this colourful illusion, exposing an enigmatic tale behind the dance. This dynamic blend of colours and cultural importance tells the visual story of history and allure through the expressive eye framed by the crimson mask.

mystictrio green mask is looking sideway

Mystic Trio A fair viewpoint in Kummattikali’s Spooky Spectacle.

Due to Kummattikali’s rhythmic intensity, a fascinating green mask peeks through the lively audience, giving the performance a distinct colour. On one side is a bright pattern with a striking red mask and a serene blue mask. A viewer seizes the core of this hue dance, capturing on camera the dynamic interplay of the three vibrant hues, each of which tells a tale within the cultural mosaic.

epicfusion masks were going forward through the crowd

Epic Fusion Cultural richness framed by green Kathakali masks.

A luminous green Kathakali mask stands out among the excited crowd in Kummattikali. “Mythical” highlights the rich qualities of Kerala’s traditional performance in the storytelling. The blue mask, hypnotized and vibrant with heritage, enhances the mystery of the Kummattikali celebration’s visual story.

nocturnalclogging masked persons dancing in the crowd

Nocturnal Clogging Noir dancer’s eyes pierce through kummattikali’s vibrant throng. 

A performer in Kummattikali’s vibrant embroidery mixes in with the animated audience while donning a mesmerising black mask dance. In this traditional dance style of Kummattikali, we represent the drama dramatically.The mysterious look of the black mask dance casts a shadow as the artist advances gracefully ahead, adding to the fascination of Kummattikali’s rich cultural narrative.

In ‘Mythical,’ the last scene of Kummattikali, a wide range of masks reveals distinct cultural tales. The stories of Kerala tradition blend together as colors and expressions reveal them. Kummattikali gives Kerala’s cultural quilt life and transforms viewers into staff of its stories. Masks have a lasting impression on Kummattikali’s cultural narrative because they represent the Kerala tradition.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Anandu V and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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