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The Nestle series captures the serene beauty of Uppalapadu, showcasing pelicans in moments of flight, nurturing, poise, and pondering.

With these fascinating glances, cozy up to the world of avian marvels. The painted stork taking a lovely flight in Soar embodies the concept of freedom. A pelican tends to its cute young in a sensitive moment shown via nurturing. With a perched pelican, its wings spread, and peaceful company all around, Poise comes to life. Pondering shows a view of birds in contemplation; one pelican stands staring straight ahead. While Another observes its thoughtful look. Under the general topic of “Nestle,” every picture showcases the many aspects of bird life, highlighting their grace, gentleness, elegance, and contemplativeness.


Soar The painted stork soars gracefully.

The “Nestle” collection invites you to discover the world of birds. A symbol of elegance and freedom, Soar depicts the painted stork’s beautiful flight.

food sharing

Nurturing Pelican nourishes its adorable chick

A pelican feeding its cute young demonstrates the tender link between them; captured in this collection, this illustrates the loving nature of the bird world. With its evocative peek into the varied and enthralling world of birds, “Nestle” captures moments of flight and caring.


Poise Pelican perched, wings unfurled, amid companionship.

Discover the splendor of the birds in Uppalapadu Birds Sanctuary through the eyes of ‘Nestle’. The bird scenes in this sanctuary are captured in this collection. It emphasizes the grace and allure of pelicans in their native environment.

mother and baby bird

Pondering Pelican stands, gaze fixed forward, watches its focused expression.

‘Nestle’s’ photographs of pelican highlight their graceful beauty and provide an enthralling look at the diverse bird life of Uppalapadu.

The “Nestle” series effortlessly combines peaceable moments from Uppalapadu Birds Sanctuary with elegant pelicans in their natural habitat. It will surely take you into the enthralling world of avian wonders. The words Soar, Nurturing, Poise, and Pondering capture the many aspects of bird life, from beautiful flying to protective tending. “Nestle” turns into a visual tribute to the harmony and beauty found in these feathered creatures’ native environments. The camera captures the grace and peace of these creatures.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Daranagar Devika Bai and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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