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One of my dreams was to see a black panther. I visited some wilds but I didn’t get a chance. Still I am waiting for that moment, when I will see the ghost of the wild. Once I was very close to see that scariest animal but by luck that escaped. But that moment was really very unique. So I would like to share one of my experiences. It was an unforgettable moment for me. I visited Nagarhole National Park. This is located in kodagu district of karnataka. There is a rich population of animals and birds but it is famous for black panther. I went for Black Panther only but I got some other animals.


Alongside River : Spotted dears near water bodies.

Bringing the mysterious Black Panther Dream to light

The search for the rare Black Panther starts with an exciting trip to Nagarhole National Park. Many people have different ideas about whether or not this mysterious creature exists, but for the author, it’s a long-held dream.


Picking the Right Safari: Bus vs. Jeep

The choice between a bus safari and a jeep trip is very important when you want to explore the wild. When they choose the first option because they would prefer to be with a friend, they have high hopes of meeting the mysterious Black Panther.


Relief from Summer : Deers are eating grass from nearby Riverside.

A Safari in the Evening Diversion

As the first evening tour starts, people get more and more excited. The first views of a black bear and some happy monkeys set the mood. But the highlight is still missing, leaving thrill-seekers guessing that the Black Panther is somewhere in the proceedings.


Playing in Mud : Sambar deers is playing in mud for relieving from the hot day.

Unveiling the Morning Mysteries

As morning comes on the second day, fog covers the land, making it seem more mysterious. It pays off to wait, because beautiful animals, like the Tiger, which is our national pride, grace the scene. Making intense eye contact with the Tiger is a turning point that leaves a lasting impression.


Meeting the Elephant and the Wild Dogs

In the third trip, you’ll get to meet an elephant, which will show you how big and graceful these animals are. A thrilling scene happens when two wild dogs fight very hard, showing how strong nature really is.


Giant Family : The family of Elephants are busy on a day.


Practice : Wild dogs are getting ready for hunt.

Lay of Tigers and Sambars in the Evening

On the fifth tour, there is a symphony of nature: tigers in their evening glory and sambar couples having fun in the muddy water. Each report adds to the excitement, but the desired Black Panther still can’t be found.


Majestic Gaze : The ruler of Indian jungles, Indian Tiger.


Indian Bisons : Mother bison and calf on a busy day.

The Last Chase: Looking for the Black Panther

People are most excited about the last safari, when the group slowly makes its way to a unique scenery. Monkeys let people know that the Black Panther is nearby, and they catch a quick glimpse of him. A scary encounter, even though it’s only a short one, marks the end of an amazing trip.


Beauty of Sunlight : The spotted deers are eating grass in the twilight.

Nature’s Lap: What We Can Learn

The Black Panther is still a mystery, but the journey teaches us important lessons. Nature teaches us to be strong by showing us that setbacks are just parts of life’s bigger orchestra. The journey is the reward, and Nagarhole National Park shows that in nature, the unexpected is always better than what you expect.


Emotions of Tusker : Elephant is showing expression.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Mayank Tyagi, Muzaffarnagar, U P Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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