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An abstract photograph is intended to provide a creative touch to genuine objects by giving them an unreal aspect. Colour, light, shadow, texture, and shape are commonly used to convey the photographer’s imagination through an image. To make abstract photos, traditional photography equipment, modern technologies, or a combination of both can be utilized.

oily flower blossom in nature muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Oily flower: blossom in nature

The first experiment is creating abstract photographs using oil. Water and oil have elements that make them repel and attract at the same time. This allows us to create a water abstract, made up of bubbles and colors’. For this, we need to gather a few materials together.

vacous hydrofobic all muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Vacuous: hydrophobic oil

Have you ever wondered where the colors’ in the bubble came from?
When a light wave strikes the surface of a bubble, part of it is reflected back to the viewer’s eye from the outer surface, while the other portion is reflected from the inner surface, which is a few millionths of an inch further away. As the two waves of light travel back, they interfere with one another causing what we know as color.

hollow sphere filled with colors-muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Hollow sphere: filled with colors’

Abstract photography is exciting because of the flexibility it provides and the fact that it has no rules. It is just like the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Abstract photography is entirely up to the viewer, and it can accommodate a wide range of interpretations, viewpoints, and perspectives.

dispersion splitting of colors into light muhsmmed mushin kannur creativehut
Dispersion: splitting of light into colours

All the photographs and text in this post are copyright of Mohammed Muhsin, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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