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On The Move


Motion is the sign of life. We have to decide every day: forward or backward.

Capturing Moments in Time: Unleashing the Art of Motion Photography

The Photographic Essence of Motion
Motion serves as the heartbeat of visual storytelling, giving life and vitality to still frames. Motion photography surpasses the commonplace, attempting to capture the very essence of movement. It is defined as the dynamic change in the position or orientation of a subject over time.

glacier art of freezing a moment sweta west bengal creativehut

Glacier : Art of freezing a moment.

Using Activity Blur to Enhance Stories

A tiny blur, a mere whisper of activity within a frame, has the capacity to convert a snapshot into an enthralling story. Static photos transform into dynamic stories, enthralling viewers with the storytelling element that brings each pixel to life.

cider an apple a day keeps doctor away sweta west bengal creativehut

Cider : An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Creating Mood with Movement

Motion photography creates feelings by painting situations with emotional tones. Consider a frozen car—a frozen moment in time. Consider the same image with the background blurred and the vehicle in full focus. Suddenly, depth appears, and the mood becomes more intense.

crystal clear visualize with a clear eye sweta west bengal creativehut

Crystal clear : Visualize with a different eye

Freezing Action: A Speed Symphony

Capturing motion in mid-air necessitates dexterity and precision. Using a fast shutter speed freezes motions in a mesmerizing ballet, retaining split-second moments full of dynamism and intensity.

dancing drink keep calm and drink smoothie sweta west bengal creativehut

Dancing drink : Keep calm and drink smoothie

Perspective Sculpting using Selective Focus

The art is sometimes found in selective focus—blurring parts while emphasizing foreground items. This deliberate use of focus leads the viewer’s eyes, removing distractions and allowing the narrative’s substance to flow seamlessly.

dancing drink keep calm and drink smoothie sweta west bengal creativehut

Colour blast : Colours speak louder than words

Diverse Motion Photography Pathways

Balloon Bursts: A Creative Splash

Enter the realm of balloon bursts, a whimsical water and color dance. Bright splashes made by straightforward balloons, a drop of water, and a perfectly timed needle poke capture a symphony of motion and serve as a monument to the spontaneity of the creative process.

Beyond Stillness with Freeze Motion Photography

The purpose of freeze motion photography is to capture movement in its most dramatic moments, rather than simply being still. These images, which lack clear movement, urge viewers to actively participate by allowing their imaginations to fill in the gaps and attribute dynamic storylines to each frame.

affection only love can drive out hatred sweta west bengal creativehut

Affection : Only love can drive out hatred

Finally, “On the Move” in Photography
This chapter, “On The Move,” delves into the artistry of motion photography. It’s a trip through dynamic storylines, selective focus, and the strategic use of motion to create engaging time-lapse stories. Let the lens capture not just moments, but the essence of life in motion as we explore the realm of motion photography.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Sweta Ray ,West Bengal Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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