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Pastel Pilots


The fine beauty of Painted Storks unfold in “Pastel Pilots”, a birds photography collection from Tamil Nadu’s Vedanthangal bird sanctuary.

Enter the kingdom of “Pastel Pilots” and enjoy a look into Painted storks photography in Tamil Nadu. The painted storks, with their delicate pastel-hued wings, dance across Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary. This bird sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, India, is a perfect home for Painted storks in Shallow waters as they fly over the marshes. Discover the beauty of painted storks and nature photography of Tamil Nadu in the scenery captured during birdwatching in Vedanthangal sanctuary. 

group of painted storks sitting on a tree

Treetop serenity  Sitting pretty on a green stage.

A flock of painted storks sits on a lush green tree. These graceful birds, whose wings are pink, frequently find comfort on treetops.

two storks having a conversation

Sky Conversations  Flying friend shares sky tales.

One bird arrives in midair to talk with a friend. They are known for complex communication techniques and expressive body language.

two loving storks on a tree

Feathered Romance  Branch buddies relax on the treetop.

This picture shows two loving painted storks, perched on a tree. These birds pair up for the breeding season. They display love by dancing and making soft motions. Vedanthangal Sanctuary birding experience gives a peek at such tender moments of these pastel pilots.

a stork gathering twigs to build nest

Building Home  Stork architect at twig work.

A stork gathering twigs for its nest. Male and female storks collaborate to build a comfortable home. Vedanthangal-painted stork shots provide a look into the nature of building nests.

stork's long yellow beak

Beak Brilliance  Elegant beak in the spotlight.

These birds are known for their solid narrow bill which helps in feeding in shallow waters. The details of the beak show unique features. Here is another image of a stork preparing its wings for takeoff.

stork wings spread fully

Flight Ready  Warm-up stretch before departure.

This photo captures one lone bird staring at the sky. They usually stay in groups. Yet this lone bird shows their nature to spend time in solitude.

a stork standing alone and looking at the sky

Treetop Daydreamer  Amid branches, a solo dreamer.

The colourful wings in an aerial display. These birds showcase renowned flying skills. They blend gliding and flying techniques with broad wings and strong muscles. 

a stork flying high in the sky

Air Dance  High and elegant stork’s flight.

See Tamil Nadu’s majestic painted storks in “Pastel Pilots”, a Vedanthangal bird sanctuary bird photography series, where Painted Storks open against calm shallow waters. Observe their distinct ways of communicating and building nests. Painted stork sanctuary photography offers a peek into the colourful world of nature and wildlife of Tamil Nadu.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Architha B and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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