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Creative Hut Photography College Back bone’s

The people who influence most in our lives are mostly the people who are around us and some or the other way related to us. Good people create positive energy wherever they go. The governing body provides the necessary suggestions and guidance for the development, while the photography teachers provide the essential knowledge to the students. Together they all form an inspiring environment to learn better photography and grow.

Remarkable People of the Institute

Support, Pillar and Encouragement

Creative Hut is a Gurukul, where each member of Creative Hut family is important. The support and encouragement of each individual from mentors, learners or well wishers, had been constantly the strong boost for the development of the institute. The faculties, visiting faculties, well wishers, advisory council, trustees, photographer, photography students, parents and alumni together make Creative Hut Gurukul a place to share and explore together. We have these fabulous people in our creative hut family who had been there always as great support and encouragement in all means.



Meet our dedicated & experienced Teachers, our Guru

Advisory Council

m t kurian

Meet our supporting & strong pillars of growth & development

Our Alumni

basil mathew

professional photographer


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    We at Creative Hut enjoy the most cheerful and memorable days during our college celebration at Photography College. The celebrations here are a symbol of happiness and togetherness. Around the year, our students, faculties, and management actively participate in these college celebrations. Indeed, students often have one or the other celebrations here, once in a month. Above all, the parents of the students also join us for these celebrations conducted at our photography college Creative hut. Surely, by now you would like to know what are the Creative Hut college celebrations? When and how...