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Photography Advisory Council

The most important part of any organization is the way it is brought up. A seed has to be nourished to bring it up into a small plant and then a well-grown tree with the roots strong enough. The members of the organization or the team members contribute the same in bringing up their respective organizations. These members provide valuable suggestions, remarkable contributions, necessary changes, new introductions, various implementations and methods of execution, etc…

Meet our Advisory Council

The Back Bone Team

The advisory council plays a vital role in the development of the institute. Creative Hut Gurukulam considers this prominent team as the members of our growing family. Our family includes the Parents, students, alumni, faculties, NEAR Foundation trust board members, well wishers, photographers, cinematographers, our staffs, supporting staffs, etc… Every Year the advisory council is added with one Parent of one of the students and one student of the present batch. We are humbled by the support of our enthusiastic members, glad about their presence and thankful to all well wishers who contributed in understanding our students’ dreams and making all our dreams possible.

rosamma alex

Rosamma Alex Trustee Kottayam, Kerala

jasmin alex

Jasmin Alex Trustee Kottayam, Kerala

m t kurian

M.T Kurian Member Kottayam, Kerala

dr sneha chacko

Dr. Sneha Chacko Member Ahmedabad, Gujarat

joseph manikompel

Joseph Manikompel Member Kottayam, Kerala

pritesh rao

Pritesh Rao Member Mumbai, Maharastra

alex t c

Alex T Chandy Chairman Kottayam, Kerala

Dr padma pothukuchi

Dr. Padma Pothukuchi Member Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

alex t eapen

Alex Eapen Member Pathanamthitta, Kerala

fr joseph cheera mvelil cmi

Fr. Joseph Cheeramvelil CMI Member Kottayam, Kerala

abin alex

Abin Alex Trustee Kottayam, Kerala

benny vadakkedam

Benny Vadakkedam Member Kottayam, Kerala