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    In the Sanskrit language, the word ‘Guru’ means a teacher and ‘Kula’ means extended family, whereas ‘Gurukul’ stands for a type of school that is residential in nature. A guru has the power to convert his students into positive-minded person which makes them always think better about everything in nature. It’s the fact that this positive energy and mental attitude is introduced and nourished in an individual by a Guru himself. We all are some or the other way influenced by any of our mentors. Thus the role of the guru becomes more important in building the future of learners.


    Meet our Panel of Faculties

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    Our experienced faculty team is composed to let you see not only in a viewfinder, but make you capture it artistically. Our Photo mentor panel is thinkers, authors, mentors, artists, designers, editors, photographers, cinematographers, and experienced educators. They are dedicated to developing student’s ideas, creativity, decision-making abilities, professionalism, leadership, team spirit, and more. For every student who becomes a part of this family, Creative Hut is their new home and their Gurus (faculties) are their guardians.


    Sagar Gosavi

    Sagar Gosavi Visiting Faculty Wildlife Photography

    He is a famous professional photographer has specialized in Wildlife & birds. He has photographed rare species of birds and mammals led

    Anu Joseph

    Anu Joseph Faculty Fundamentals of Photography & Photojournalism

    “There are some or the other skills in all of us. The challenge is to find it, analyze it, explore it and grow with it.”


    Dr Padma Pothukuchi

    Dr Padma Pothukuchi Faculty Photojournalism

    An inspiration and highly spirited personality who enjoys every moment with the students and the entire team here.

    sunny joseph isc

    Sunny Joseph ISC Faculty Cinematography

    President of the Indian Society of Cinematographers, (ISC), some of his most acknowledged movies are Piravi, Daya, Janala, Ramanujan, and many more.

    adarsh dj kumar

    Adarsh DJ Kumar Assistant Faculty Cinematography & Video Editing

    He is in the field of mentor as specializes in DSLR & Mirrorless Cinematography and Video Editing

    V Elango

    V.Elango Assistant Faculty Photo Editing & Graphic Designing

    “Photography for me is a witness of our day to day life. Adding creativity to that is like adding delicious flavors to food ”

    adra ann thomas

    Ardra Ann Thomas Visiting Faculty Communication & Skills

    “I believe that the best, as well as the precious moments, are to be captured naturally to cherish it for lifelong.”


    Abin Alex Faculty Lighting Languages & Aesthetics

    “Involving myself into art and different creative works was something that I always loved to do from my childhood”.

    govind vishwanath

    Govind Vishwanath Visiting Faculty Product & Commercial Photography

    “Every photograph should tell a story, every time you  look at it should bring you back and fill those emotions.”

    george eapen

    George Eapen Faculty Communication

    “Involving myself into art and different creative works was something that I always loved to do from my childhood”.


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