Perceptible Proficiency By Vasu Devanaidu K


In the world of arts, photography gains much more interest than all. A photographic frame reflects the emotions like anger, innocence, happiness, sadness, love bonding between two living beings, etc. Only a photographic image can freeze the time. The art of photography is an application, and practicing creating durable images of capturing light. As a photographer, conveying a message by a photographic image is not at all easy because each and everyone has a different perspective to understand an image. So, a photographer should responsible for conveying a meaningful message that should understand by everyone.

A photographer should have more patience and observing skills to make meaningful pictures. A photographer should have the qualities of an eye for detail, patience and flexibility, good people skills, and passion to capture a beautiful picture. Henceforth, ‘PERCEPTIBLE PROFICIENCY’ is a combination of animals, birds, landscape, portrait, street, product, food & fashion, which are part of wildlife & nature, photojournalism, and advertising. Therefore the emotions, experience & commercial impact are conveyed by this book.

Vasu Devanaidu K, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh 

Vasu Devanaidu K is from Anantapur, A.P. He has much interest in Wildlife Photography as well as travel photography. He likes to tell stories that are usually literate in Photographic Frames. Therefore, he set up a portfolio “Perceptible Proficiency”. Moreover, he has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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