Certified Course in Photo Editing

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Short Term Course
For Beginners, Students & Other Professionals

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    What is 4 + 7 ?


    Adobe Lightroom
    Fashion | Product | Wedding | Street | Landscape

    Process I - Sorting Images
    Process II - Composition
    Process III - Light Balance and Grading
    Process IV - Improve the Detailing
    Process V - Color Balance and Grading
    Process VI - Metadata & Export
    Process VII - Make a Preset

    Adobe Photoshop
    Fashion | Product | Wedding | Street | Landscape

    Process I - Workspace and Selection
    Process II - Detailing and Retouching
    Process III - Manipulation
    Process IV - Light Balance and Direction
    Process V- Color Balance and Grading
    Process VI- Adjustment Layer, Blend Mode, Layer Mask
    Process VII- Save & Export


    Total Fees : Rs.15000/- + 18% GST

    Course fees needs to be paid in full before the class session.

    Kind Note

    1. All the taxes and charges imposed by the Government from time to time are applicable to the fees and are to be compulsorily paid by each student.
    2. At present, the GST is 18% and further any change in it will be applicable on the fee.


    1 Month (Mondays to Fridays, 2 Hours per day session)

    1. Total duration covers the Training & hands-on practice session.
    2. Customized dates & slots can be selected.


    1. No Age Restriction or Requirement for Qualifications.
    2. Candidates of any gender and age group can join .

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