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College life is often referred to as one of the most memorable years in one's life. It's completely different from school life. College life gives us exposure to new experiences and things we weren't familiar with before.

For some people, going to college means having fun and partying hard. Creative Hut college life resembles a professional life. Creative Hut college life differs greatly from other colleges.



    Carrom | Chase the Focus

    We often relate the game of Carrom with the phrase "Chase the Focus". A game that was originated in India, doesn't have any time...

    Diwali the Festival of Lights

    Diwali, which means "row of lights," is India's biggest festival. The festival got its original meaning from the rows of clay lamps that Indians...

    Going on a Photo Walk? Photo Walking Tours

    Photographers especially Aspiring photographers usually asks,"What do you mean by going on a Photo Walk? Where is the  Photo Walk?" Here we will let you...

    Photography Exhibition

    It's Never the Final ConclusionIt's a Continuation of Revealing Works Photography Exhibition "Exhibit, Don't Showcase" Our motto is that “Exhibit, Don't Showcase!”. Photography Exhibition is the...

    Onam Celebration,The festival of Happiness

    Onam celebration is a wonderful and notable day at Creative Hut every year. It is the biggest festival in the state of Kerala. Indeed,...

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