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Award-Winning Photography College

The best part of any project or work being done is the final output or result of it. And the success of that work is the reward or appreciation you receive for the hard work and efforts you made for it. The awards that we have received are the outcome of those continuous efforts of our students and faculties. It’s an inspiration to grow further and an encouragement to work much harder and dedicatedly.

Award Winning Photography College

Records, Awards & Exhibitions
  • Top Most Promising Media and Mass Communication college in India as per the list of The Higher Education Review 2019
  • Top Photography college in India as well as the best photography course in India 2019 rewarded by the Edugorilla India’s largest education community
  • Most Admired Photographer award presented to the Director Shri. Abin Alex in Indian Business Congress 2018 by Entrepreneurs Council of India
  • Asian World Records for World’s first Photography Gurukul (Residential School)
  • Champions Book of World Records for World’s first Photography Gurukul (Residential School)
  • Supreme World Records for World’s first Photography Gurukul (Residential School)
  • Indian Star best Photo Mentor Award SMF presented to the photography mentor and director Mr. Abin Alex
  • Commendation Certificate from Technical Education Department of Kerala, State Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research for contribution in developing the curriculum of Photography.
  • Photography Workshop at Infosys, Trivandrum, on 19th April 2017
  • Photography Workshop conducted at Pattanmthitta for Professionals in 10th August 2017
  • Judge for Canon India Click-O-tory, October 2017
  • Judge for Canon Photomarathon Mumbai, India, November 2017
  • Indian Star Best Emerging Photography Educational Institute for President, Creative Hut Institute of Photography
  • Vidya Shiromani Educational Excellence Awards from Score More Foundation
  • Judge for Amazon Shutterbug photo contest 2016
  • Photography Workshop at Wipro, Ernakulum on 27th August 2016
  • Visionary Leader Awards for Excellence in Education to the Principal and photo mentor Shri. Abin Alex
  • Excellence in Education from Career Options at 3rd Higher Education Summit held on 4th April 2015 at New Delhi
  • Honorary Doctorate awarded from World Record University on 16th March 2015
  • Judge for Canon Photo marathon Bangalore, India, 2015
  • Canon Master Class – Portrait Photography and Lighting Workshop, Ernakulam on 19th December 2015
  • Videography Workshop conducted for KPVU-CITU at Hotel Wyte Portico, Pathanamthitta 2015
  • Limca Book of Records for World’s First Photography History Calendar
  • National Book of Records for First Photography History Calendar
  • World Records India for First Photography History Calendar
  • India book of records for World’s First Photography History Calendar
  • Asia book of records for World’s First Photography History Calendar
  • Record Holders Book of Record for World’s First Photography History Calendar
  • Miracle World Records for World’s First Photography History Calendar
  • Indian Achiever book of Records for Unique Biggest Photography Wheel
  • India book of record for Biggest Photography Wheel
  • Limca Book of Records for Biggest Photography Wheel
  • National Book of Records for Biggest Photography Wheel
  • Asia book of record for Biggest Photography Wheel
  • Miracle World Records for Biggest Photography Wheel
  • India book of record for First Photography Game
  • Limca Book of Records for First Photography Game
  • Photography Exhibition “TWIST 2014” was organized at Lalithakala Akademi Thrissur, Kerala on 10th, 11th, 12th July 2014 and was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Vargheese Paathadan, Residential Manager, Thrissur.
  • Photography exhibition “Chayachitra 2013” was conducted at Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Kottayam on 28th, 29th, 30th June 2013 inaugurated by Shri. P.N.Krishnankutty Nair, General Council Member, Kerala Lalithkala Akademi.
  • Photography Workshop conducted at St.Thomas College Palai, Kerala 2013
  • Jury for the photography competition at LAMP fest’s event, Nirma University Ah’d, 2012
  • Jury at K S School of Business Management 2012
  • 2012 Photography Workshop conducted at Nirma University Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2012
  • Commendation Certificate awarded by Office of Additional DG & IG Prisons, Gujarat State, Appreciating for Conducting Photography workshop for Jail Inmates at Historical Sabarmati Center Jail, Ahmedabad.
  • Invigilator for the NIFT-Situation Test 2011 conducted at NIFT, Gandhinagar
  • Jury at Ragam, the Annual Cultural fest of NIT Calicut
  • Photography Workshop conducted at Sabarmati Central Prison Ah’d Gujarat 2011
  • Photography Workshop conducted at IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat 2011
  • Photography Workshop conducted at Integrated Systems Pvt Ltd, Gujarat
  • Photography Workshop conducted at Nirma University (Ahmedabad) 2011
  • Photography Workshop conducted at Chaudhari Technical Institute, Gandhinagar 2011
  • Photography Exhibition “International Photography Festival, IPF – 2011” was conducted at Sanskar Kendra, Paldi on 19th, 20th and 21st August 2011 and inaugurated by Kajal Oza Vaidya (Gujarati Author)
  • Photography exhibition was conducted at Photo Video Fair, Gujarat University Exhibition Centre in August 2011
  • Photography exhibition was conducted at Anayas Art gallery, Ahmedabad Gujarat from 19th to 21st August 2010 inaugurated by RJ Raj from All India Radio.
  • Photography exhibition “Sanskriti – 2010” conducted at Ravishankar Rawal kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad Gujarat on 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st October 2010 inaugurated by Shri. Pranlal Patel
  • Old Camera exhibition was organized during the Photography exhibition “Sanskriti 2010” at Ravishankar Rawal kala Bhavan from 28th to 31st 2010
  • Photography Workshop conducted at Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio, Ahmedabad.
  • Web designing Workshop conducted at G-Tech Computers, Kerala.
  • Photography Workshop conducted at Aquarius Bopal, Gujarat in the year 2009.
  • Web designing, Photography and digital editing workshops conducted at INIFD, Ahmedabad
  • The first Photography exhibition conducted at Orchid mall, Ahmedabad Gujarat in 2009
  • Professional Diploma in Art of Photography Course curriculum is developed for Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala


  • Residential Life | The Way of Living
    Ancient India had Gurukul system of education adopting traditional residential schools of learning as they reside at their guru’s (mentors) home. Residential life, the first time ever in the world, students of photography gets to stay with the Guru, where students learn to live in a green and friendly environment with no distractions around them. Students learning while staying here with their mentor provide them an opportunity to optimize their creative minds with practical knowledge and skill-improving strategies to reach a secure bright future. Accommodation and food might be a pr...
  • Freshers Day | New Journey Begins
    Freshers day at Creative Hut Photography College is an introduction day and the first day of the new academic year. This introduction day where each student and their parents are introduced to one and all is the beginning of their new journey. The excitement of coming to Creative Hut college for pursuing ones favorite subject Photography is seen on each face of the new candidates. Not only that students have a mix emotions on the first day. Some gets anxious, curious, nervous, excited, and joyful too. Since, it is the first time that they are meeting their classmates. Moreover, on this day...
  • Campus Life | Creative Hut Gurukul
    Better place give better idea. Place with an inspiring environment create in yourself a peaceful and fresh mind. For only a peaceful location can encourage and boost one to discover and enhance the skills within. Students here experience a campus life where they learn design elements and every aspects of visual communication, understanding the significance of nature. Our residential programs have in fact brought the students a feeling of institute as their family. Knowledge increases with sharing. The class rooms, campus and surrounding of Creative Hut Gurukulam is designed in such a way t...
  • Independence Day Celebration
    Independence Day Celebration in College is a day where students, faculties and staff pay tribute to the Nation and the freedom fighters of India. The day of India’s independence is a day of pride, love and respect towards our Nation. India’s Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year. It’s a remarkable day where we honor and respect all our Indian freedom fighters who fought for India’s Freedom. Creative Hut students, faculties and staff gather together in the morning and participate in the National flag hoisting ceremony and culture events. With due respect towar...
  • Miniature Photography | The Small World
    The days where we are in the tiny world with real and unreal subjects. Miniature photography is the session, where students think simply out of the shell. Its all about more creativity. Observation and Imagination are the two sides of the same coin. One has to think, re-think, imagine about the suitable subjects, their actions and compose them them according to ones imagination. Have quick look on some of the interesting miniature photography tricks here. Miniature photography classes are practical based at creative hut institute. Students get engaged in bringing forth the best innovative...
  • College Celebrations | College Life
    We at Creative Hut enjoy the most cheerful and memorable days during our college celebration at Photography College. The celebrations here are a symbol of happiness and togetherness. Around the year, our students, faculties, and management actively participate in these college celebrations. Indeed, students often have one or the other celebrations here, once in a month. Above all, the parents of the students also join us for these celebrations conducted at our photography college Creative hut. Surely, by now you would like to know what are the Creative Hut college celebrations? When and ho...
  • Kerala Piravi | Kerala Day Celebration
    Kerala Piravi is also known as Kerala Day. It is celebrated on 1st November every year by all the Kerala people to mark the birth of Kerala. The word “Piravi” is a word in Kerala’s official language Malayalam which means “birth” in English. Students at Creative Hut from different states celebrate the Kerala Day at Campus. No matter, to which state they belong to and what the language they speak, they enjoy the day together. The song based on the tradition and culture of Kerala was shot by the 13th batch students at Creative Hut campus and released on the Kerala piravi day on 1st November 2...
  • Color Theory | Vivid Colors of Life
    We all love the vivid colors. It not only makes us active and refreshing, but also makes us feel pleasant. We come across various colours each and every day. We can’t even imagine the world without colors. An artist in each photographer always strives for more are more colors in the frames. Just like Light is an essential part of photography, Colors too has also become a remarkable part of our photography. Color theory is not merely a class session in Creative Hut. This interactive session is not only about understanding the color concept. In fact, it is where students bring colors to life...
  • Football | Set Always Your Goals
    Sports day celebration is one another activity organized for students at Creative Hut. Football is the most loved sport for both of our male and female students. With green ground and greenery all around, the atmosphere gets more pleasant during the football practices and matches. Football is a game that reminds us to set our goals in life too.  As it is always said that ” Winners are not those who don’t ever make mistakes. Because such persons never attempt for new challenges, never set goals, and never ever try. In fact, winners are those who make fewer mistakes and learn fro...
  • Campfire | Joy of Togetherness
    Classes, theory, practicals, outdoors, studios, editing…. are all part of learning in Creative Hut students’ life. Working on their photography and videography is a daily routine. In fact, it is all one side of the coin. The other side is the part of the enjoyment and togetherness that students have during each celebration. One such kind of celebration is the Campfire. Every year, students and faculties of Creative Hut have the campfire session on the campus. Having such fun amidst the course has always proved to be relaxing for all of us. Campfire is the joy of togetherness. F...
  • Wildlife Photography Tours
    Nowadays, the craze for Wildlife photography among youngsters can be seen very well. People are keen to visit different locations and capture wildlife. They invest their time and money for the same. Firstly, let us know what is wildlife photography and its importance. What is wildlife photography? Wildlife photography is a genre of photography concerned with capturing, documenting various animals, birds, insects with or without backbone living in their natural habitat. All the passionate wildlife photographers, wish to get the perfect shots of wildlife. Forests and sanctuaries are then the ...
  • Dhanushkodi | A Visit to the Abandoned Town
    The photography tour to Dhanushkodi was organized twice. It is a deserted town at the south-eastern tip of Pamban Island of Tamil Nadu, India. It is about 24 kilometers west of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. During the 1964 Rameswaram cyclone,  this town was damaged and remains abandoned in the aftermath. We took our 10th batch students as part of our practice session. Our students went together under the guidance of the Faculty. Next, the 12th batch too had an opportunity to visit this place for photography. Dhanushkodi is the best place for Landscape and Portrait Photography. During the tour,...
  • Christmas Celebration | Joyful Moments
    Christmas Celebration is one of the joyful celebrations at Creative Hut.  It is the season of joy, greetings, cakes, gifts, and fun. This is a period of getting the family united. Creative Hut is a family. Interestingly, it is a family with family members from different parts of the Nation. Since there comes a short vacation during Christmas, a pre-Christmas celebration is organized every year at the Institute. This celebration is held a week before the college closes for the vacation. The celebrations include a rhythmic presentation from the College choir as well as an add-on surprise pac...
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration
    Ganesh Chaturthi is one another festival that occurs in the month in between the starting sessions of every batch.  This festival marks the arrival or birth of Lord Ganesh as per the belief of the Hindu religion. In some parts of our Nation, this festival is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganeshotsav. In Creative Hut, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is a celebration of unity and peace. Every year, the Creative Hut students, faculties, and staffs celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on our Institute Campus in Kerala. The everyday program starts with traditional lamp lighting, aarthi, pooja, and ...
  • Benefits of Campus Life in Photography College
    Campus life is where you as a student learn, develop, and explore in a good college atmosphere. A college may have variable courses of different streams and students of different departments. But a Photography College life is different and special from that. It is a college with students and faculties of similar interests and likeness. Hence, each moment of college life becomes one of the benefits of campus life. Campus Life The special fact is that a photography college campus has students from different places speaking different languages and of different cultures. But, what makes them un...
  • Importance of College Life in Photography
    Photography education is an area that has inspired a lot students in Modern era. Generally, Photography education is perceived in very narrow term. In fact, most of the time photography learning is given less priority and taken for granted. That is why, many of us think of why we need to go college in order to learn photography? Why college  life is need for making photography as ones career. Hence, here we let you know how and why this college life is required for better photography? Moreover, also get to know why Creative Hut is known for its college life and referred as Gurukul. What do...
  • Vidyarambham | First day at Gurukul
    Vidyarambham is the First day at Gurukul. The day of mixed emotions. The first day at Creative Hut College is where excitement and nervousness both come hand in hand. The day with the initial steps towards one long journey. Education is the key to success and is the root of a good life. On Vidyarambham which means the day to start education is the where institute welcomes all its new batch students for a new beginning. The first day is where students are introduced to each other. They get introduced to their mentors and staff. They walk through the campus and get introduced to the nature a...
  • Photography Tours Backbone of Photography
    When people with similar interests travel together they can create much more magic. Here, we organize photography tours for our students and faculties to various places inside and outside the state. A leadership quality, team spirit, adjustment, and acceptance, all these factors are being developed in every individual through these educational tours. Every journey becomes meaningful and every Photograph rewinds the memories. As years go on, we go on to cherish these memories. Photography College Tours  As important as theory and practical, traveling for photography is also very much importa...
  • Going on a Photo Walk? Photo Walking Tours
    Photographers especially Aspiring photographers usually asks,”What do you mean by going on a Photo Walk? Where is the  Photo Walk?” Here we will let you know all about Photo Walk and what we usually do in Photo walks. Photo Walking Tours Photo Walk and Photography Exhibition for the Practical Session of Photography College Creative Hut Institute Photography takes Photo Walk as the part of Course to explore the places of Kerala and India. As part of our Professional Photography Course curriculum, we divide our Practical session for Photography into two forms namely photo walk a...
  • Importance of Practical in Photography Classes
    Learning Photography and practicing it, help us to develop an artistic mind to frame and compose our subjects. Composition and framing has a great importance in making the photograph a story-telling image. But, while we are making the efforts to achieve this and get more deep into our passion, we always have a confused mind. Which is more important Photography Practical or Theory ? To begin with Photography classes and its importance, let’s talk about a general example. If you search in Google, ‘How to Make dosha?’ or ‘What is the recipe of dosha?’, you will ge...
  • Why is Communication in Photography Important?
    Communication is the action of sharing of ideas and information. As well as it is the exchange of knowledge, attitude and feeling among two persons or a group of people. The process of communication occurs through certain signs and symbols or passing of information from source to destination. Why is Communication important in Photography? The importance of Communication in photography is known very well when a photographer is not only able to reach greater audience but also make them respond to the same. Firstly, we are communicating with the world through our photographs. Each and every im...
  • Photo Talks and Photography Workshops
    Creative Hut Institute provides the opportunity to learn photography and get inspiration from some of the experts in Photography and Cinematography field. The photo talks and photography workshops, are frequently arranged for our students every year. Students are thereby encouraged to clear their queries on the photography products and get familiar to the accessories. The best part of such sessions is that they get updated with the latest trends in the field. Let’s first understand, what is all about photo talks and photography workshops. I. What is Photo Talk? II. What is Photography...
  • Importance of Photography Theory
    To begin with, let us recall how many times we had the thinking that  Why we need Photography Theory? Firstly, the technical tools of the camera are not the most important thing to become a photographer. In fact, it’s the least important. Originality and aesthetic sense are important factors in photography. Importance of Photography Theory in Education In the Photography field, we usually refer people into two categories, namely ” Amateur and Professional”. What do you really mean by this? The most accepted definition of a “Professional” is a person who makes m...
  • Onam Celebration,The festival of Happiness
    Onam celebration is a wonderful and notable day at Creative Hut every year. It is the biggest festival in the state of Kerala. Indeed, it is one of the grand celebrations for every creative hut batch student too. The festival of Onam falls during August or September every year. Interestingly August is the starting month of our one-year Professional photography course too. Hence, the celebration of Onam is the first festival for every new batch here. Onam Celebration 2020 In 2020, Onam is from 30th August to 2nd September. The students registered for the next 2020-2021 batch are getting the...
  • Photography Exhibition “Exhibit, Don’t Showcase”
    Our motto is that “Exhibit, Don’t Showcase!”. Photography Exhibition is the platform to reveal one’s works and share it to the world. Captured images during the photo walk and Photo Tours are exhibited during the end of the course. Photography Exhibitions in Photography Colleges We intend in promoting our students work and encourage them to the Professional world of Photography. Exhibition is never the final conclusion but a continuation of one’s work and a journey to experiment further new things. Our students’ photography exhibition has in fact proved as the motivation to the...
  • Photography is a Craft vs Art
    As creative minds, we always need to go through pathways and tasks of improving our skills. The details of the chaotic ride vary for everyone. Whether it is the craft or art in photography, it has greater importance. Let’s see how and why? Art is perceived differently by any two different persons. In the case of Photography too, no two images of the same subject and location can be the same for any two photographers. The art and artistic approach towards capturing each image makes it unique and well defined. The Art of Photography What is Craft in Photography? The knowledge about pho...