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It’s Never the Final Conclusion
It’s a Continuation of Revealing Works

Photography Exhibition “Exhibit, Don’t Showcase”

Our motto is that “Exhibit, Don’t Showcase!”. Photography Exhibition is the platform to reveal one’s works and share it to the world. Captured images during the photo walk and Photo Tours are exhibited during the end of the course.

Photography Exhibitions in Photography Colleges

We intend in promoting our students work and encourage them to the Professional world of Photography. Exhibition is never the final conclusion but a continuation of one’s work and a journey to experiment further new things. Our students’ photography exhibition has in fact proved as the motivation to the upcoming amateur photographers.

Preferably we conduct street photography exhibitions during the March, April, May Months.

I. What is Photography Exhibition?
II. Why Photography Exhibitions are Important in Photography?
III. What is the difference between the Galleries and Street exhibitions?
IV. Where our Photography college exhibit the student’s work?
V. Let us explore some old exhibitions?

I. What is Photography Exhibition?

Photography Exhibition refers to an event wherever the creator, painters, photographers show their artistic work in the hope of attracting the art lovers. These exhibitions are a good way to draw attention towards new photographers and their works. It is the best place to reveals one’s artistic works.

II. Why Photography Exhibitions are Important in Photography?

Every photographer wish to show their images around the globe. Their works get appreciated and even get them sold-out. Photography Exhibition is the greatest place to reach out to viewers and interact with them. Several artists convey their message to the viewers through the exhibition.

The photography exhibition is a key step for a photographer for establishing oneself as a professional. Photographer not merely gets fame but even achieve the source of earnings.

III. What is the difference between the Galleries and Street exhibitions?

First of all, Photography Exhibition can be conducted in Art Galleries and even in Street. Many students ask “Why people are conducting exhibitions in art galleries?”

Art galleries can showcase work in a proper manner and order. The main purpose of exhibiting works is for promotion and sales. The art gallery’s works can be sold easily.

In Street, exhibitions are the place to give awareness of certain causes. The benefit of Street exhibition is that you can have more audience. Hence, you reach out to more and more common as well as art loving audience. While in art galleries you will get particular art lovers.

IV. Where our Photography college exhibit the student’s work?

Creative Hut Institute of Photography exhibit the student’s works in two ways like in art galleries and Street. To Promote our students and their works, we arrange exhibitions in art galleries.

Photography students need to give awareness of particular causes, and hence we conduct exhibitions in the street too. So the photographer can convey his message to more people.

We promote our students and their work in the most advanced way and as per the generation trends. Exhibiting the works in the most innovative and effective way is the key factor.

We use different sources like digital Media and an exclusive quarterly magazine called “Creativehuts”. Here, each students photography and videography works as well as portfolios are exhibited. Indeed it is where they reach out to wide audience and get the exposure to the new and big industry.

V. Let us explore some of our earlier exhibitions

We conduct Photography exhibitions on a regular basis. From this year onward we have a tendency to began to conduct exhibitions on completely different places aside from Art Galleries.

Wildness in Wildlife Photography Exhibition

This was the exhibition to promote our student and one of the noted alumni Manoj Iritty. The exhibition was for three days and more than thousand people visited the gallery. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Padma Pothukuchi.

Chairman of Alextern Group of Companies was the president of the event. He shared the importance of art and artist in villages. A total of 30 Photographs were exhibited. Along with the exhibition, we conducted the graduation ceremony of 11th Batch.

Twist Photography Exhibition

The 7th Photography Exhibition “TWIST” organized at Lalithakala Akademi Thrissur, Kerala on 10th, 11th, 12th July 2014.

As in all art forms, the first public performance of their art form is called “Arangettam” in the Malayalam language; this exhibition was an Arangettam for the Creative Hut student photographers. A Turning point in their lives — “Twist” in their Professional Career, this exhibition has been the real twist for the 6th Professional Photography batch students.

On this occasion, record winners from Creative Hut were awarded the India Book of Records certificate for the World’s first Photography History Calendar. The event was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Vargheese Paathadan, Residential Manager, Thrissur. A total of 33 Photographs of 14 participants were exhibited in the canvas size.

Creative hut students and Alumni who participated in the exhibition were Amithkumar K G, Gessal Sebastian, Bhasker Wadhwa, Isaac Vavachan, Kavisan K, Krishnanunni, Govind Vishwanath, Kiran Joseph, Manoj A, Sarat Babu, Sooraj S, Priyesh Balakrishnan, Neethu Eipe and Satheesh Kumar.

Chayachitra Photography Exhibition

The 6th Photography exhibition “Chayachitra” was conducted at Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Kottayam on 28th, 29th, 30th June 2013. The word “Chayachitra” means “Photograph” in Indian National language Hindi.

This exhibition ‘Chayachitra’ was organized for the 5th Professional Photography batch students. During the exhibition, the National Camera Day was celebrated on 29th June.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Shri. P.N.Krishnankutty Nair, General Council Member, Kerala Lalithkala Akademi. Participants for the exhibition were Govind Vishwanath, Hari Vasanth, Praveen P Nair, Kiran Joseph, Ram Sekar, Manoj, Midhun Raj and Dr. Sarat.

Photo Video Fair, Gujarat

Creative Hut’s 5th Photography exhibition was conducted at Photo Video Fair, Gujarat University Exhibition Center.

The 4th exhibition that is IPF 2011 was a great success. Creative Hut was invited to exhibit those photographs at the Photo Video Fair, Gujarat. Students enthusiastically participated in this 10 days exhibition.

The 4th Photography Exhibition “International Photography Festival, IPF — 2011” was conducted at Sanskar Kendra, Paldi on 19th, 20th, and 21st August 2011. The event was inaugurated by Kajal Oza Vaidya (Gujarati Author).

Vintage Camera Exhibition

Old Camera exhibition was organized during the Photography exhibition “Sanskriti 2010” at Ravishankar Rawal kala Bhavan from 28th to 31st 2010. Above 150 vintage cameras were exhibited, led by our visiting faculty Subin Shah and his wife.

Sanskiriti Photography Exhibition

The 3rd Photography exhibition “Sanskriti – 2010” conducted at Ravishankar Rawal kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad Gujarat on 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st October 2011.

“Sanskriti” means “Tradition” and in this exhibition, Photographs that were exhibited showcased various Indian culture and tradition. The exhibition was inaugurated by one of the Gujarat origin Photographers, Shri Pranal Patel. Exhibition comprised total of 180 photos captured by 27 photographers.

The 2nd Photography exhibition was conducted at Anayas Art gallery, Ahmedabad Gujarat from 19th to 21st August 2010. Totally, 16 amateur photographers exhibited their photographs in this exhibition.

Exhibition was inaugurated by RJ Raj from All India Radio. He quoted that “These pictures are very well shot. This exhibition is an inspiration to all youngsters who want to pursue a career in Photography”

Orchid mall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The first Photography exhibition of Creative Hut was conducted at Orchid mall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2009. Six Photographers exhibited in a total of 30 best photographs in this exhibition.

Apart from being having the credit of the first photography exhibition conducted by Creative Hut, it was also an effort taken to promote amateur photographers.


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