The Gurukul system of education is the most traditional form of Indian style of learning. Gurukuls are schools where students live with their mentors and receive an education, moral values and skills under their guidance.

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The unique approach that we use to implement the project of creative hut gurukul in practice is all about providing a platform for them to learn from the environment around them and make them independent with a career-oriented program, and confident of skills to earn a better livelihood in the future.

Our students are taught to think creatively and critically, and encouraged to develop their problem solving skills. They are trained to work independently and collaboratively, and they are given opportunities to explore different areas of interest.

Eco-friendly Environment

Organic Farming & Mini Forest
Learning and working in an environment that is close to nature and provides freshness to mind and soul is one such important factor that improves one's performance. Creative Hut Gurukul located amidst nature provides an eco-friendly campus for creative minds with lush greenery all around, a river flowing on one side, small hillocks on another side, tiny creatures, flora and fauna. This ultimately reduces the stress, and frustrations of the students living here. They are allowed to learn and work at their own pace amidst the natural environment.

The entire premises of Creative Hut Gurukul comprises a self-cooking corner, farming area, mini-forest, campfire area, animal husbandry and care for domestic animals. Students experience the campfire together as well as have fun self-cooking. It makes them active, energetic and moreover independent. A place of organic farming such as cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees, spices, coffee and pepper plantation, etc… is also made available in the Creative Hut Gurukul premises. Students water and nurture those with care, which make them closer to nature. These vegetables are then used to cook food for the students.

Similarly, the birds and animals are also a part of this eco-friendly campus. It consists of a fish pond with a variety of fishes, cows, and birds such as ducks, hens, turkeys, guinea birds, love birds, etc… are some of the attractive creatures in the premises that keep the students lively and pleasant all the time.

In addition to all these, Creative hut gurukul provides a mini forest in the campus. It consists of more than 100 trees including the wood trees, fruit trees, some of the rarely found medicinal plants, etc… This mini forest is the destination of a variety of birds every year. Approximately 28 different varieties of butterflies, insects and many birds find refuge in this mini forest area. The visual media study program enables the students to capture the birds and macro or insects from the campus itself. They learn to get inspired by nature and follow a biomimicry attitude for sustainability.

Here the waste including the plastic wastes, and disposable paper wastes are well managed. While the food wastes and animal dung are used for composting and further used as nutrients for plants. This project also ensures the use of solar energy for various purposes.

Cross Culture Communication

Different Languages & Celebrations
Communication is an essential part in both personal and professional life. One can not survive alone and excel in their lives without proper communication. Living together in a Gurukul allows each candidate to interact and communicate with each other. Candidates from different states, different cultures and languages here allow cross culture communication.

The candidates here start understanding the value of various Indian cultures and celebrate the traditional festivals. Whether it's Diwali, Onam, New Year, Holi, Christmas, etc… It is not only the means to celebrate the Indian values but also a major step to reduce the stress and frustrations in oneself.

Self Management Skills

Yoga, Exercise & Sports
A healthy mind and body can lead one to have best results in all the work they do. Since ancient days, our ancestors used to practice yoga and meditation in India. It is a proven remedy that brings a balance between body, soul and mind.

Here, in Creative Hu Gurukul we implement the practice of yoga, exercise and various sports and games in our daily lives. The word 'yoga' derived from Sanskrit, literally means 'to join or to unite'. It promotes self-healing, increases self-awareness and personal power, boosts immunity and increases concentration. Exercises and yoga improves sleep, a sense of balance and helps for inner peace. It also helps in fighting against depression and helps in building self-control. It also prepares our minds for decision making situations.

Sports and games on the other hand, increases energy in the body and in building team spirit and leadership quality in oneself. It is one of the important factor to keep the body and mind healthy and active.

Learning Methodology
The Gurukul way of learning

Traditional Ideology
Critical thinking & Indigenous knowledge

Skill Development Program
Visual Media for Better Career

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