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photography jobs

Photographers are artists with the camera. They are the ones with technical skills and an artistic eye. They are the ones who freeze the moments forever after. Photographers take pictures of people, places, landscapes, food, and many more. Photographers can work not only as fine art artists, wedding and event photographers, but also sell their photos to commercial clients. At the same time, there are certain requirements such as photography job qualifications. Another major question is Where to Find Photography Jobs? What are the jobs in photography in India? And how to get a job in photography? Let’s go through all these major questions, confusions and answers to it.

Getting opportunities for favorable Photography Jobs is not very difficult for a knowledgable and educated person in the field. Henceforth, candidates must first and foremost understand the importance of Photography Education.

Photography Jobs in India

Finding proper Photography Jobs is very important. Most of the candidates usually undergo education in it and thereafter look out for the job in photography as per one’s choice and requirements. Proper education is the right decision to achieve good photography jobs. But not all know how to find those photography Jobs for themselves. Photography jobs can be found in the private sector and Government Sector.

photography jobs government

What qualifications do you need to apply for photography jobs?

apply for photography jobs

The qualification that a candidate needs to have to apply for photography jobs is a course in photography from any of the reputed college or university. For example, courses such as a one-year professional diploma, two years PG diploma and three years degree course in Photography. Usually, companies look for candidates having studied any of the above-mentioned photography courses.

Therefore, before one makes an effort to apply for a good photography job, and would like to be called as a professional photographer or say, “I am a Photographer”. The candidate must first analyze whether he or she is well qualified in the stream and has adequate knowledge enough to get a job or not?

Getting a Proper Photography Education is one of the important factors responsible for achieving a good photography job. It is one of the criteria for most of the companies during interviews and placement. A well educated and qualified candidate in Photography will be at the top of the selection process for any photography jobs.

Photography Education for Better Photography Jobs

Most of the Photography Colleges conduct the Photography Diploma courses and Degree courses covering the following subjects.

  1. Photography
  2. Photo Editing
  3. Photo Designing
  4. Videography / Cinematography
  5. Video Editing

Before joining to pursue Photography education from any college you should understand their Photography Syllabus. Here, for a quick understanding of what a photography syllabus consists of? we are sharing one of the photography colleges in India. Always stick to join a course which provides above five subjects in one course.

After learning all in one course like photography, Photo Editing, Videography, Video Editing. Select any one of the topics for your future job. As a result, you will be benefited from receiving better Photography job opportunities.

photography syllabus

What kind of jobs are there in Photography?

There are different types of jobs available in photography. While we were searching for what kind of jobs are available for the photography field, we came across several companies that offer opportunities for the same. Most of the companies have shown the following kinds of jobs in Photography.

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We had the research based on top Job placement Companies. If you are planning to work as a Photographer, you will be able to find many job opportunities as per various photographer job titles.

Photography Job Titles

  • Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Assistant Photographer
  • Senior Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Traveling Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Press Photographer
  • Product Photographer
  • Professional Photographer
  • Still Photographer
  • Staff Photographer
  • Chief Photographer
  • Interior Photographer

We can divide photography into two namely stills and moving. Henceforth, we call photography as an Art that contains both still and moving Photography (Videography).

Videography and Video Editing Jobs for Photographers 

  • DSLR Cinematographer
  • Videographer
  • Video Editing

Photo Editing Jobs for Photographers     

If you are planning to apply for Photo Editing or Image Editing. You can apply for the following photography jobs

photo editing jobs
  1. Photo Editor
  2. Photoshop
  3. Indesign
  4. Image Editing

Where can I apply for Photography Jobs? 

Although there are several places where you can apply for photography Jobs, here we have provided the list as per research. If you have acquired photography education and looking for a suitable job, the following areas or fields are where you can apply for the same.

  1. Picture libraries
  2. Digital Marketing Companies
  3. E-commerce Companies
  4. Newspapers
  5. Magazines
  6. Graphic Designing Companies
  7. Advertising agencies
  8. Hospitals
  9. Medical publishers
  10. Museums
  11. Art galleries
  12. Wedding Studios

Where to Find Photography Jobs? 

There are different media where you can find vacancies for photography jobs. Employment newspapers and or columns fro recruitments in newspaper columns, one can find the job opportunities in Photography. But, these are rarely been found. Since today’s generation spends most of their time in online media, the second option to find the job will be more practical.

Photography Jobs Recruitment- Job Search Company 

Online companies or the most commonly known job recruitment companies target jobless candidates and provide them with suitable best job opportunities. This is the most used method to find jobs. In fact, it is one of the best ways to find jobs while you are still searching for it from your comfortable area, your home or other places.

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Candidates can register and apply for photography jobs in such photography job recruitment companies. here you can register and apply for photography jobs. But remember that, there is no need to apply in the paid version, instead go for the free version as a starter.

Companies for Searching Photography Jobs 

Photographers can register in the following websites and apply for the jobs in photography.

  1. CareerBuilder
  2. Naukri
  3. Indeed
  4. TimesJobs
  5. Shine
  6. SimplyHired
  7. freelancer
  9. PlacementIndia
  10. Upwork
  11. Monster
  12. Ladders
  13. The Muse
  14. ZipRecruiter
  15. Flexjobs
  16. Glassdoor

Which Type of Photography is Most in Demand?

Although there are various types of photography, not all types of photography are in high demand. Very few people choose any one photography type and stick on to it their life long. While most of the photographers prefer more than one photography type. As a result, there are multiple choices of Photography types for each individual.

The highly earned photography, such as wedding photography, event photography, product photography, studio photography, architecture, and interior photography, food photography, etc… are some of the photography types in demand.

Most of the Photography Colleges offer Photography courses that include only still photography. Photography means including Still Photography, Moving images (Videography / Cinematography), Photo Editing and Video Editing.

Scope of Photography

In photography history, the picture of the “Race Horse” was the first Film ever, filmed in 1878 by Edward Muybridge.

As per the Encyclopedia Britannica “Muybridge experimented with multiple cameras to take successive photographs of horses in motion. Finally, in 1877, he set up a battery of 12 cameras along a Sacramento racecourse with wires stretched across the track to operate their shutters. As a horse strode down the track, its hooves tripped each shutter individually to expose a successive photograph of the gallop, confirming Stanford’s belief. When Muybridge later mounted these images on a rotating disk and projected them on a screen through a magic lantern, they produced a “moving picture” of the horse at full gallop as it had occurred in life.”

As per Wikipedia “Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically using an image sensor, or chemically through a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.”

Wikipedia says “Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media”

Why People are Shifting from the DSLR to Mirrorless? 

‘Photography means still images’, was the old concept. Nowadays, we need photography of both still as well as moving subjects. People are shifting DSLR to mirrorless because of Mirrorless cameras are lightweight and more comfortable for Video. Mirrorless cameras deliver the photography in still and Moving. Furthermore, some of the Photography Jobs are too relied on the candidate’s knowledge about both types of cameras.


As per the demands of various Photography Jobs, a Photographer should learn all the four things. For instance,

  1. Still Photography
  2. Motion Photography (Videography)
  3. Photo Editing & Designing
  4. Video Editing
  5. Content Creator

As a result, you will utilize the entire facilities provided by the camera. Else, you will be benefitted partially. Youngsters usually learn photography for various reasons. One such reason is Socia Media. They are always used to their social media like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In social media, numerous still images and moving images are uploaded daily. As per the survey, in social media moving images have been seen more by the people.

Scope of Photography (Still Images)

Scope of Photography

Recently, there is an increase in the Career options for photography. But, when Photography is discussed from a commercial point of view, the career in it is based on various categories of photography. There are different types of Specialisations in photography. Several such specializations are in demand and fact, they are most noticed Photography career. To an extent, photography jobs are categorized in terms of different specializations in photography.

Here, we have not included the lesser opportunity specializations such as Wildlife Photography, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, etc.

Scope of Videography (Moving Images) 

Scope of Videography

Videography is the passion of the next generation. Short-term projects for television companies as well as short videos for youtube channels are some of the recent demands. A lot of people work as freelancers in the field of videography based on individual projects for different companies. For instance, numerous programs and videos are made for corporate companies, post-production studios, and advertising companies.

The growth of DSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras have boosted the Videography digital World too. The majority of films, Television programs, Media shoots, Wedding video shoots, youtube channel shows, etc… are worked on DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Indeed, both professional videography cameras and DSLR conventional and mirrorless cameras are used by professionals and hobbyists in the field.

You may also find work in a variety of productions, wedding highlights, function videography, including TV programs, feature films, corporate training videos, commercials, and music videos. Videography is now the profession equally liked as photography. Hence, the videography jobs are also a subcategory in Photography Jobs to be pursued as a career.

Scope of Photo Editing and Retouching

Scope of Photo Editing and Retouching   

In every categories of Still photography, editing is required and is an inseparable factor. Most importantly, the field of Wedding, Fashion and Products are sustained because of Editing. Wedding album making is one of the best job opportunities for photo editors. On the other hand, there are best opportunities for photo editors in the image retouching of Product Photography and Wedding Photography. Thus, while one is searching for Photography jobs, he or she might find the category for the job in photo editing or retouching.

Photo Editing and Designing software like Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Lightroom are some of the popular software used for editing.

Scope of Video Editing

Videography is incomplete without videography Editing.  videography is one of the best opportunities for newcomers in the field of photography. There are many freelancing, part-time and full-time video editing career in India. Some of the professional editing software popular in the field are Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Avid’s Media Composer.

How do I find the best Photography Job?

Finding the best jobs is very important. Before selecting a company you should find the details of the company and reviews about the company. To find the best photography jobs, you need to search properly on google or search engine. Above the list of Photography jobs, searching companies are been mentioned. Please go through it and register through it.

How to find Photography Jobs on Google?

photography jobs search

Finding Photography Jobs through Google or search engines is easy and at the same time tricky too. While searching and finding a suitable job on google, one needs to have the proper knowledge of keywords to be searched. Best keywords and relevant to the topic will help you whereas, the incorrect keywords will divert your path itself.

If you still think ‘how to find photography jobs on google?’ then here are some of the best keywords that can help you in it.

For instance, photography jobs, photography jobs in India, product photography jobs, wedding photography jobs, wedding videography jobs, image retouching jobs, image editing jobs, fashion photography jobs, food photography jobs, advertising photography jobs, photo editing jobs, video editing jobs, videography jobs, interior photography jobs.

Few others are, wildlife photography jobs, wildlife videography jobs, travel photography jobs, jobs in national geography, photography jobs in government, photography government jobs in India,

While you may also search state-wise or location-wise. Such as, photography jobs in Pune, photography jobs in Mumbai, photography jobs in Delhi, photography jobs in Hyderabad, photography jobs in Kerala, photography jobs in Bangalore, photography jobs in Chennai, photography jobs in Ahmedabad, photography jobs in Goa, photography job providing company, product photography company.

How can I apply for a Photography Job?

Finding jobs is usually a very difficult task. You need to be well prepared before finding photography jobs. Formal qualification and at least you need the Photography Diploma or Degree. You should have the skills of Photography, DSLR Videography, Photo, and Video Editing. Understand the Photography career option before applying any companies.

Step by step Process 

Follow several steps and prepare yourselves before applying for any type of photography jobs in India.

Formal Education                                   

Formal Education is required for any kind of Job. Particularly, when you are planning for a photography career, one must at least have a formal education of 12th or Degree. But then it depends on company to company. Some of the companies, even appoint candidates who have just 10th class of formal education. This is where you think, ‘Is the study of 12th class or 10th class enough to become a photographer?’ In our earlier article, we have mentioned this.


In short, basic formal education is a must in this field too. Hence, firstly acquire your formal education in which regular basic schooling is compulsory.

In Photography, the tact of good communication plays an important role in achieving a successful career. Thus, acquire knowledge in languages especially the international language English as well as your regional local language and or National language.

Photography Education                                                

Since you are preparing to apply for the job in Photography, without any doubt, you need to have a proper photography educational qualification. You should have the knowledge about the Use of Camera, Lighting, Editing and Retouching, DSLR Videography and Video Editing. Hence, acquire education for photography by pursuing a photography course either of one year, two years or three years duration as per one’s choice.

Read about How and where to find the best photography courses and photography colleges in India?

Resume Preparation   

Prepare a resume before applying to any company. Your resume needs to be informative as well as attractive. Divide your resume into Five Parts.

Photography resume

Part-1 About yourself 

Write about yourself in one or two sentences. The sentence should be short, simple and readable.

Part- 2 Contact Details

Mention your immediate Contact Number, Email Id, Portfolio Link, Website link (if you have), Permanent Address as well as Correspondence Address.

Part-3 Education          

Give proper information about your Formal Education or academic education as well as Education in Photography Diploma Details.

Part-4 Work Experience

Mention the latest and prominent work you have done in this field. If you are a fresher, then you don’t need to mention the job experience. But you may mention any projects you have done related to photography either individually or in a team. You must mention it accordingly.

Part-5 Personal Skills

Here, you need to mention other skills that you have related to the field. Such as mention about your known languages, communication skills, ability to lead Photography team, skills in Photo Editing, Videography and Video Editing. You can also mention software like Adobe Photoshop, LightRoom, Indesign, Premier, etc… as per which you are capable of.

In the final analysis, you must be particular in mentioning the necessary and only relevant information. Incorrect and unreal data mentioned in the resume for the sake of making it attractive or any other reasons can destroy the entire purpose of the resume.

Portfolio Preparation

Nowadays, usually, companies look for multi-talented candidates. Hence, there must be a portfolio that can showcase the talent of the candidate in various streams of photography.

Preparing a Portfolio before applying for photography jobs is a must. Try to include all the specializations or maximum specialization in your portfolio. As a photographer, one must surely have two formats of Portfolio, namely,

  • Printed Portfolio
  • Digital Portfolio

Printed Portfolio

Prepare your printed portfolio in the form of a book comprising your prominent and best works in photography. You may also keep a digital link of the same printed portfolio for easy assess in the future. Click on the images to view how a Portfolio looks like or Click here

Digital Portfolio 

You need to be ready with some online links that can display some of your latest works to your company interviewer, and clients, etc… This is a digital world, and when everything is available online, why should a photographer be behind. Make a decent online presence in terms of your works and services. We suggest three options. Mention all these or at least two links in your resume too.

  1. Make your own Website: Sample Check here Making your own website is a little bit costly but reasonable in terms of career.
  2. Create Blog or Link: Check here to see any one of the photographer’s pages. Have a blog writing link for you where your latest images can be posted. However, it is applicable for those who have good skills in writing. On the contrary, you may avoid this section and get rid of the negative impact.
  3. Social Media: Regularly update your social media with the latest work. Don’t upload any unwanted photos on social media pages. Make an account and maintain at least any one of the Page on Facebook, Instagram, Flicker. Instagram.

Prepare for Interview

  1. Dress Appropriately.
  2. Switch Off your Phone.
  3. Begin by Greeting the Interviewer. “Good Morning Sir or Madam”
  4. Keep your Printed Resume
  5. Keep Educational Certificate
  6. Keep your Printed Portfolio
  7. Be prepared for the Questions (Self Introduction, About Your experience, Why should we hire you?, What are your strengths and Weakness?)
  8. Ready for the Practicals (May be one product and tell the candidate to should in available light or Single strobe.)
  9. Don’t forget to say “Thanks” at last.
  10. Never show your dissatisfaction.
  11. Avoid using a low and loud voice.

Apply for Job

Finding the best jobs for oneself is one’s luck and Hard work! In fact, the company holders usually say that “it is the company’s luck to have a good employee for their company.”

If you are ready with all the above things discussed above. Start to apply for jobs in companies or job placement companies.

How to apply for a Photography Jobs in online?

Although there are lot of online platforms where one can apply for jobs in photography, videography and editing; the basic step is to make a request to the company to consider one’s application for the job vacancy. While making a request through online, one has to make sure that all the requirements as per the company’s criteria are met. Since, you are now going to apply through online media such as by sending an email; your resume, and portfolios should be ready to be presented in digital format. This not only makes the company to easily go through your profile and skills, but also increase the chance of your selection too.

Let’s see an example below, of how to send a request letter or a covering letter to the company for applying for a job through email.

Respected Sir / Madam,

I have known about the recent requirement of a cameraman / photographer / videographer / editor (mention here the name of the vacancy) in your company. I am interested in working in your esteemed organization and hence I would like to apply for the same. 

I have recently completed my Professional Diploma in Art of Photography and Cinematography as well as Kerala Govt. Technical Examination (KGTE) in Photography from Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala (Mention here the course or qualification that you have acquired along with the College’s name or University’s name). I have also completed Director of Photography from Media and Entertainment Skill Council under Skill India. I am certain that the knowledge and expertise that I have developed during my studies will be highly valuable to your organization.

I would humbly request you to kindly go through my resume and the portfolios herewith. (On all the below points, give the respective digital links on the text ‘click here’.)

I would love to have the opportunity to join your team. Please let me know if I can provide any further information from my end.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thanking you,

  • Yours Faithfully,
  • (Write here your full name)
  • (Your Contact No.)

The above example is a short and precise email covering letter for approaching a company for the job. On the other hand, the one can add additional information if required. Such as, if you are applying after seeing a recruitment advertisement then mention the same and so on. Let you prove to be the best for your company!

Best of luck with your job!


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