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Photography Lighting


Lighting is among the most important aspects of photography.Light in photography refers to the position of the natural or artificial light source in relation to the subject. The position and quality of light can affect numerous aspects of your final photograph, including clarity, tone, and emotion.


  1. Ambient Light
  2. Three point Lighting
  3. What is a Photon?
  4. What is Core Shadow?
  5. What is Catch light?
  6. What is Watt-Seconds?
  7. What is the angle of spiritual light?
  8. What is strobe light? Write an example?
  9. What is key light and angle of key light?
  10. What is Highlights and Shadows?
  11. What is Form Light?


  1. Explain, how to achieve Butterfly Lighting?
  2. What is the difference between Key Light and Low Key Lighting?
  3. What is the difference between rim light and spiritual light, Explain?
  4. What is Inverse Square Law?
  5. What is the purpose of fill light and it’s angle?
  6. Explain the difference between Hair Light and Kicker Light.
  7. What is Wavelength, Frequency and Speed of Light?
  8. Explain the difference between Luminous Objects and Non-Luminous Objects?
  9. What are called Opaque materials?


  1. Explain all the lighting patterns?
  2. Explain the qualities of light?
  3. Explain the difference between Diffused Light and Specular Light.
  4. Explain how subjects are classified as Transmission, Absorption, and Reflection?
  5. Explain the positions of Lighting.
  6. Explain the structure in terms of height, length and width of an ideal Studio. And the necessary accessories to start a Studio.


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