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Photography in itself is an art form that includes various rules and design principles. Our professional photography course enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept, and designing elements in bringing out the real art in the images.

Their final Portfolio is the collection of all the works that each student has performed in the categories of photography and videography. These cover different categories of photography such as nature and wildlife photography, fashion photography, product & studio photography, landscape and architecture photography, portrait, and street photography. Creative Hut wants to provide our students with a platform to showcase their photography works worldwide.

The Photopedia by Kasina Bhanu Prakash

"The Photopedia" portfolio is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Wildlife photography, Birds, Village Experience, Architecture, Art & Culture, Landscapes,...

Agni by Harshith T Kori

“Agni,” my photographic book, explores with the symbolic relationship between fire and goods, food  and fashion photography. In visual image, I employ fire’s strong...

Pixelvision by Arun John

Explore the transformative potential of AI in photography through "Pixel Vision," celebrating its harmonious partnership with human creativity. In the realm of contemporary photography, a...

Aesthetic Grace By Aravind S

Images that are thoughtfully created using lighting, subjects, and other visual components to evoke enchantment and emotional resonance exhibit aesthetic elegance. Aesthetic grace in photography...

Mystic Hues by Krishna Thejes.s

"Mystic Hues" is a collection of evocative photographs that weave tales of emotion and beauty, painted with captivating colors. "Mystic Hues" shows a complicated connection...

Fondness by Pranav B

Celebrating cherished connections and beloved moments through captivating photography that evokes the essence of fondness. Fondness is a positive feeling or affectionate attitude towards someone...

Luminous by Ashin Mathew

“Luminous” is an enchanting photography portfolio showcasing diverse, captivating images that reveal life’s beauty through the interplay of light. Luminous is the very essence that...

Nature’s Nook by Aswin K

Nature's Nook is a captivating and educational space that provides individuals with an immersive experience to learn about and appreciate the wonders of the...

Peace by Mahantagouda Patil

A state of harmony, calmness, and nonviolence is referred to as peace. It is a state of society when people, communities, and nations live...

Visual Touch by Sahil Sidharthan K

The couple weaves a lifelong tapestry beginning with their textured wedding day, embracing the various textures that shape their journey. This exquisite photography book of...


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