Importance of Photography Practical


Learning Photography and practicing it, help us to develop an artistic mind to frame and compose our subjects. Composition and framing has a great importance in making the photograph a story-telling image. But, while we are making the efforts to achieve this and get more deep into our passion, we always have a confused mind. Photography practical enables to get rid of this confusion and brings the confidence in oneself.

Which is more important Photography Practical or Theory ?

To begin with Photography classes and its importance, let’s talk about a general example.

If you search in Google, ‘How to Make dosha?’ or ‘What is the recipe of dosha?’, you will get so many suggestions. You may watch and follow the recipe and cook the same.

Although this idea may work out, you will achieve a different experience in another case. And that is when you learn to make Dosha from your mom. In other words, while you were with your mother in the kitchen you observe her cooking it. Eventually, you start cooking with her and finally learn it.

Interestingly, both practical’s and theories are two sides of coins.
Which side of the coin is important? Which is your choice? Why theory? Why not Practicals and practical photography classes only?

By now, many of you would be ready with your answers or choice.

Let us see some of the Practical sessions at the Creative Hut Institute of Photography.

New generation students believe that travelling around the world and having a camera as a companion in hand, makes you a photographer. For them, its a practical approach. Henceforth, calling themselves as a photographer.
How many of you believe in it?

Definitely, some believe that buying a high-end camera makes one a photographer. Don’t you think then every high-end camera owner should be a photography legend?

We always say a person behind the camera is important and not the merely the camera. When you go for buying a Camera, you will often hear the salesman mentioning you several ideas.

For example, the camera will do everything for you. Keep in Auto or P in the dial of the camera, your work is done’.

Really interesting, if only that were true!
Further, if you don’t get good images, you may even get several comments from others. For instance, “There must be something wrong with this camera!”  or “This will surely happen because it is a small or crop frame camera”

Significance of Practical in Photography

Beginners often try for better images. They sometimes succeed while many times fail to achieve so.
Finally, they end up their photography with frustration. And come with the conclusion that this camera is not good for photography as I needed. If a high-end camera was there, I can create magic. Such persons either stop photography or refer tutorials to learn from those photography classes secretly.

It’s important to realize that the understanding of theory and practicals are equally important.

In one of our photography tours to Chhattisgarh, we had a different experience. From the interior part of the village, we got the chutney made up of ants. People there said to us that it is good for health as it protects us from Cancer.

Obviously, for us, it was not only new but a surprising fact.
When we knew about the ant’s chutney. We researched on it.
Firstly, Know it
Then, Taste it
Finally, Experiment
Result follows you.

In case of Photography, isn’t it the same? After all, What is Photography? Understand the theory, get involved in it, then experiment and Practice it.

In our Photography college, we divide the curriculum of our Photography classes into two sessions, namely Practical and Theory. Important to note that we give equal importance to both. Know how and why  photography theory classes are important, in our session Photography Theory.

Know your Exposure

Usually, most of the photographers are satisfied by knowing just aperture, shutter speed, ISO and balancing the exposure meter in the camera. We actually never think about the function of the Exposure in Camera.

Did we ever think about what is the logic behind balancing the exposure meter in the camera? How the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO balance to get a good image? Here, our practical’s teach students to understand the logic behind the control of exposure and each of its elements. Indeed they judge the exposure meter prior to capturing the image.

Know Color Grading

In the present scenario, students get eager to know how images are color graded? Most of the amateur photographers have heard about color grading and think about it as the play of Software.

A photographer must definitely know, how we get blue? What happens when we mix blue with any other color? What is the impact of different colors in the photographs? How color can be corrected? and so on.

The black and white era has changed, whereas the choice of colors is increased.
Our practicals and assignment makes our students become a strong judge in color. It helps them to grade their images.

Know your frame

A sentence of English will not be correct unless it is correctly formed with subject, verb, and object. An image will not speak a thousand words without being properly balanced.

The relation between foreground, mid-ground and background and proper grammar of an image speaks a lot. Proper framing and composition have a great significance in conveying the Story-telling images.


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