Importance of Photography Theory


To begin with, let us recall how many times we had the thinking that  Why we need Photography Theory? Firstly, the technical tools of the camera are not the most important thing to become a photographer. In fact, it’s the least important.

Originality and aesthetic sense are important factors in photography.

Importance of Photography Theory in Education

In the Photography field, we usually refer people into two categories, namely ” Amateur and Professional”. What do you really mean by this?

The most accepted definition of a “Professional” is a person who makes money from their practice.

Moreover, there are many photographers who acquire a very low level of artistry and aesthetic sense. But despite that, they make a lot of money with their camera. These photographers possess a notable ability to identify the opportunities. And at the same time make use of the opportunity for not only taking good photographs but also gain more money.

Whereas, there are photographers who have a strong ability to pre-visualize photography but do not necessarily make any money or monetary profit out of that ability.

Hence, there is always a misconception in the field that a person who makes money out of photography is called a professional photographer.

But to the very general fact, those people are known as commercial photographers. So there is strong debate in understanding whether photography is an art or not.

How do I learn Professional Photography?

People should understand that proper study, knowledge and a lot of practice are the only ways to understand the depth of photography.

For instance, when you stand in a seashore, you will not understand the real depth of the Sea. Although you may visualize and analyze its depth which may or may not be correct. Rather, you understand and feel the depth in real, when you actually enter the sea.

Likewise, Photography is the sea. When you enter and enter, you will know the depth of the field.

For this reason, our courses are called Professional Photography Courses. Here we encourage our amateur students to get in the depth of photography sea and grow the level of artistry and aesthetic sense.

Learn Professional Photography with two inseparable portions of the reality. Namely,  Theoretical Aesthetic  and Practical Art. 

To learn professional photography, you need to understand what, why, where, when, who and how to photograph. Better the understanding better is the results.

Hence we give equal importance to both photography theory and photography practical. Some of the photography factors are well understood if its theories are first let known. Further, its practical approach, clear our doubts and make us to logically think and relate the facts.

Define Photography College Life

Theory (Classroom Theory, Assignments) + Practical (Photo Walk, Tour, Exhibition) + Behavior (Skill Development Classes, Yoga, Character Development) + Enjoyment (Sports, Celebrations).

“By merely learning and knowing aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, you will not become a good photographer. You need to be a good person too.” – Abin Alex

Imagine, you are in a well-known hotel famous for its special Dosas. The Chef in the hotel cooked good tasty Dosha. The waiter brought those delicious Doshas to you. But, you found that the plate was not clean or the waiter was looking unclean. And in addition, he is misbehaving with you without showing any respect.

Will you buy and have those dosas?
Definitely, no.

The same is true for Photography too. You need to be knowledgeable, proficient, and a good person with determination.

Diamond is not made in a day. There is a lot of hard work behind every shining diamond. Firstly, rock is crushed and the rough diamond is cut from it. It further, goes through the dicing and slicing process to make a proper shape out of it. Shaped diamond is then put into the process of polishing.

Finally, the outcome is the stunning & shinning material that we call, “The Diamond”.
For us, our every Photography student is a Diamond.

Our strength of Gurukul way of learning equalize the importance of

“Theory + Practical + Behavior + Enjoyment”

That is why we call “Creative Hut Alumni” as “Professional”

Creative Hut is located in a calm and quiet place. When you visit once, you understand the beauty of the place. Our students call ” Heaven in God’s Own Country”.

Why Photography Theory classes are important ?

Anyone can capture good Photographs. But, only a true photographer can say why those photographs are good.

Usually, we hear people, saying ‘Theories are very boring.’

For example, A person asked a photography student ” What is Exposure?”

The student replied: I know what it is, but I can’t explain it to you. I will Capture and Show you?

The Person agreed and waited until he came back.

The student brought several photos and showed him. Those images were captured in different exposures.

The Person replied: Okay, the changing of the amount of light is called Exposure.

In the above example, the student was not able to provide a proper understanding of what is exposure. Although he practically captured various images, the meaning of exposure was not understood by the person in its real sense.

Why we have mentioned this example here would be much clear to many of you. Most of the students do not understand the importance of theory. While entering the photography field, they consider that just having a super-duper camera and clicking an image is photography.

In reality, Photography is furthermore than what it is considered to be just a click.

What is Photography?

Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, through an image sensor. These image sensors are known as light-sensitive material such as photographic digital sensor or film sensor.

As many of us know that the word photography was derived from Greek. Phōs or phōtos means “light” and graphé or graphy means “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”.

Together we call Photography as “Capturing with light” or “drawing with light”.

Photography is the language of communication. In this visual language too, words, vocabulary, grammars are important.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Images are made with the elements of words, vocabulary, grammatically representing the subject, verb, and object. That is the reason, why we say a picture is worth of thousand words.

The theory in the photography course, makes you understand and identify the words, vocabulary, and grammar of a photograph.

Why do we need photography?

The need for photos and photography has greater importance in today’s world. Photographs play a significant role in everyone’s life. They connect us from our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. And not only that, they in fact help us to know who we are.

Many parents ask their children,

Why you need to learn photography?

The answer is very simple and humble.

Visualize your Newspaper without single Photographs.
Imagine Social Media without Photographs and simply filled with texts only.
Think of having your precious moments or celebrations without Photographs.
Visualize a channel without Videos.

Indeed it’s really difficult to even imagine a day without photographs around us.
Generally speaking, there is no day in our life without seeing photos.

You never know the importance of photography unless you start observing the surrounding.

For most of us, the day begins with either by seeing the photos of God, reading the newspaper, opening Whats App or Instagram in mobile phones, etc… We start traveling to the office, school & college and what we see are the hoardings and banners.

We visit social media like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook with full of photos, video etc. We refer to online media and download the photos for our presentations.

Is it not that we are in the world of photos and videos?

Certainly, photos and photography have become an important and inseparable part of everyone’s life. In short, our life cycle revolves around photography.

For instance, the birth of baby, birthdays, first walk of life, first day to school, college life, marriage, important moments, death and funeral. Further, Identity card, ration card, pan card, aadhar card, election card, passport, bank accounts, etc… All these are possible only with photos.

There is no life without a photograph.

What is the use of Photography Theory?

The photograph is used for memorizing, documenting, sharing and exchanging of moments with others or for own purposes.

Theoretical Perspectives on Photography as Research

Our simplified way of teaching made the students win many awards in the field of Photography. We have a research wing under the guidance of faculty. We have done the following researches on the theory of Photography to analysis and understand it.

Photography Calendar

Photography Calendar was the World’s first photography calendar based on photography history. This was the outcome of their project done under the guidance of Photography Faculties Abin Alex and Anu Joseph.

Photography Wheel

Photography Wheel was the simplified format of Photography to let people know the history of photography, important inventions, process and legends of photography. Our every theoretical part is simplified in the project and explored in a practical way.

Photography Game

Usually, new generation students always prefer Practicals. They never get interested in learning theory and always say that “No Theory, please”. Here we come with different ideas implemented to teach photography theory in a simplified way that was “Photography Game”.


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