Photo Talks and Photography Workshops


Creative Hut Institute provides the opportunity to learn photography and get inspiration from some of the experts in Photography and Cinematography field. The photo talks and photography workshops, are frequently arranged for our students every year.

Students are thereby encouraged to clear their queries on the photography products and get familiar to the accessories. The best part of such sessions is that they get updated with the latest trends in the field. Let’s first understand, what is all about photo talks and photography workshops.

I. What is Photo Talk?
II. What is Photography Workshop?
III. What is the difference between Photography workshops and Photo Talk?
IV. How many Workshops are conducted in a year?
V. Do students wants to Pay any extra fees or cost?
VI. Let us explore some of the Photo Talks and Workshops.

I. What is Photo Talk?

Photo Talk is a person who talks about his photography motivation, inspiration, experience in a group of like-minded people gathered in one place. He also talks about the way of his work. Uniqueness of his work. The audience who gathered also ask the questions and a person who talks about photography, answers those questions to them.

We are always thankful to various well-known photographers from various fields who take time from their busy schedules and visit the institute every year. Moreover, during these sessions they stay at the campus of Creative Hut Institute of Photography to experience our Gurukul way of learning.

II. What is Photography Workshop?

A photography Workshop is different from photo talks. In photography workshops, people gather to keenly hear the presenter who is indeed a professional. It is a place where everyone interested in photography, pay attention to hear the professional. Here, the intention is to gain Photography educational experience and techniques from renowned and skillful professional.

Photography workshops are best place to observe and learn. In addition to that, it is also the opportunity to discuss one’s ideas with expert photographers.

The success of a photography workshop is when the participants are able to gather ample experience and knowledge. And to be frank, the whole experience from a good photography workshop is simply incomparable. Something that you cannot be acquired anywhere else.

III. What is the difference between Photography workshops and Photo Talk?

Knowledge and Information about ones favorite subject ‘Photography’ is the key essence of both photography workshops and Photo talks. But, the main difference between both is the way of execution or presentation.

Photo Talk and Photography Workshop is an encouragement for the students and a demand of the course. The involvement and interaction of the presenter and participants is more lively and energetic when we call it as Photo Talk. Since, it is the way of gradual talk one is having with others.

IV. How many Workshops are conducted in a year?

We intend in providing the best knowledge to our students. And hence, the maximum exposure is given. Thus there is no such limits on the number of workshops conducted every year.

V. Do students wants to Pay any extra fees or cost?

Students do not need to pay anything extra for the photo talks and photography workshops conducted at Creative Hut Institute. All the photography workshops and talks, are part of the course and are free of cost. In addition to this, workshops on videography and video editing are also conducted as one of the major sessions in the Professional diploma course.

VI. Let us explore some of the Photo Talks and Workshop?

Photography Workshop by Canon 

Camera and photography workshop by Canon is conducted every year in the institute. Students are introduced to the latest Canon DSLR camera models and lenses. Further, they are also introduced with its features and specifications.

A full one day Canon class keeps the students engaged with the understanding of the canon cameras and lenses. In addition to this, students are provided with the demo classes and freely allowed to use those equipment.

Photography Workshop by Nikon

Nikon team are here to Creative Hut every year to encourage our students. Demonstrating the latest DSLR cameras and lenses in Nikon, students are also given hands-on practice on it.

In 2020, the photography workshop on latest Nikon Mirrorless cameras and its functionality was explained in the Nikon workshop. Mentor from Nikon Isaac Sam V conducted the workshop at Creative hut.

Photography Workshop by Fujifilm

The photography workshop by company Fujifilm was conducted for our 13th batch at Creative Hut campus. This interesting workshop made our students more familiar to the camera and accessories of Fujifilm too.

Photography Workshop by Sony 

Photo Talk by Dr. Apurva Madia

Apart from being a Cardiologist, Dr. Apurva Madia is a photographer by heart. He resides at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His visit to the Creative Hut institute gave our students a chance to interact with him regarding his photography life.

Photo Talk by Subil Shah

Being photography a part of his life over 30 years, Subil Shah still finds time to capture moments around him. He is the visiting faculty of Creative hut. To his credits, he has a collection of more than 150 vintage cameras. Students often got opportunity to hear his words on photography.

Photo Talk by Anna Fox

Anna Fox, from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham had talk on photography with our students a Creative Hut Institute. She works as the head of photography in the University at Farnham. She shared her experiences of her various works of Photography and displayed the collection of some of her excellent photographs.

Photo Talk by Pranlal Patel

Pranlal Patel a veteran photographer from Gujarat shared his experiences to our students in a photo talk organized in the institute. His valuable conversation was indeed a blessing for all present in this session. His knowledge and a very long journey in the field of Photography inspired every one over there.

Photo Talk by Jonathan Durling

Students got to know about different aspects and scopes of photography in the photo talk by Jonathan Durling. An internationally known Photojournalist, he described various techniques to become a creative photographer. His talk inspired all the youngsters present there as well encouraged them to think creatively as an artist.

Photo Talk by Homai Vyarawalla

One of the best opportunities that our students had is the talk with India’s first woman photojournalist Homai Vyarawalla. Students visited her and spent time with Padma Vibhushan awarded photographer at her home in Baroda, Gujarat. She was very simple and had a Spartan lifestyle. She lived in almost anonymity for years. She was very frank and free with our students during the photo talk at her residence.

Photo Talk by Cherian Thomas


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