Yoga is said to have originated in ancient Hinduism and is now practiced all over the world. People have truly learned the benefits of yoga and accepted it as a form of exercise and meditation. In essence, yoga is an ancient knowledge for a healthier, better, and more serene way of life, not just a sort of exercise. It encourages unity with oneself and aids in achieving inner tranquilly.

ardha matsyendrasana stimulates-the-organs of our belly and throat-mohammed kannur creativehut

Ardha Matsyendrasana: stimulates the organs of your belly. Chin Mudra: Improves concentration, memory power and throat

You can relax with yoga and meditation in the morning. It enhances mental clarity and concentration. Your brain receives tonnes of fresh oxygen when you have control over your breathing. This will improve your mental clarity, make sure you are ready for work, allow you to dedicate your entire focus and operate as efficiently as possible.

chin mudra improves concentration-and-memory power mohammed mushin kannur creativehut

Chin Mudra: Improves concentration and memory power

Yoga on the sand is a fantastic way to remain in balance and experience nature. Yoga on the beach can enhance your body by offering support, and the shifting sand can help by offering light resistance. Beach yoga is the practice of yoga in the relaxing setting of the beach, pairing the soothing influence of ocean waves with a calming yet energising asana practice.

natrajasana lord of the dance pose mohammed mushin kannur creativehut

Living a yogic life involves more than just perfecting your morning poses and being comfortable with meditation. To live a balanced and mindful life, one must adopt a holistic perspective. And throughout the day, you can sustain a condition of mental and spiritual well-being. A yogic lifestyle can be very beneficial for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

urdhva dhanurasan improves spinal flexibt mohammed mushin kannur creativehut

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