Pixel Creations


Creative photography is a way for transforming ordinary events into works of art by combining different shapes, colors, and forms.

Welcome to the world of creative photography, where deliberate ingredients and techniques turn the ordinary into the remarkable. We’ll go into the nuances of pixel creations in this tutorial, looking at several ways to make your artwork look more distinctive.

Magic in Manual Mode: Revealing the Secrets

The Influence of Hand Settings

Learn about the creativity that lies behind manual camera settings and how they open up new possibilities for artistic photography. We’ll walk you through every step of getting the ideal exposure, from figuring the ISO to perfecting shutter speed.


Power: King of the street

Viewpoints Count: Boosting Originality Using Diverse Viewpoints

Go outside the box of imagination and add unique viewpoints to your pictures. Recognize how these viewpoints set your work apart from conventional photography.

Water Droplets to Add Depth

Apply a mist of water to your lens to achieve stunning bokeh throughout your picture. Examine the way light plays with the water droplets to enhance texture and atmosphere.


Power: King of the street

Controlling Bokeh: Understanding Aperture

Play around with the aperture to get more control over your bokeh. Gain control over the foreground bokeh’s size to enhance the depth and dimension of your artistic photos.

Beyond the Sea: Novel Approaches

Lens filters and substitute sources of light

Investigate lens filters as preventative measures or try out LED string lights, video light sticks, prisms, or sparklers to get interesting effects. Use these inventive strategies to take your photography to the next level.


Real Smoke: Three

How can creative photography benefit from using manual mode?

With the ability to adjust ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, manual mode gives photographers the freedom to approach each shot uniquely and creatively.

Why is it important to include different points of view?

Distinctive viewpoints give photos depth and originality, distinguishing them from conventional photography and giving viewers a new perspective.

Is it possible to obtain bokeh without misting my lens with water?

To produce bokeh effects without using water, try utilizing lens filters, LED lights, or prisms as substitutes.

Why is adjusting the white balance important for the ideal exposure?

By adjusting the white balance, you can make sure that the colors in your photos are accurate and show the situation in a realistic and eye-catching way.

What role do lens filters play in artistic photography?

Lens filters improve the overall inventiveness and aesthetic appeal of your photos by protecting your lens and providing opportunity for unusual effects.

Aside from LED lights and water, are there any other alternatives to light?

Of course! Investigate the imaginative potential of using prisms, sparkles, or video light sticks to infuse your photos with even more creativity.

In summary
Intentional ingredients and techniques are what propel compelling photos in the fascinating realm of creative photography. Possibilities range from creative viewpoints to customized adjustments. Set off on a creative trip and use your photos to convey tales that go beyond the norm.


Smoke: Girl looking up

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