Pottery is the process of making pot or any desired shaped objects with clay and heating them to high temperature . Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions. A small part of society is depended on pottery as means of livelihood. Fewer women are also involved in this field

Art is intense of individualism that the world has know

                                             -Oscar wild (Irish poet)

Kerala is renowned for its pottery-making legacy. Everyone will be surprised by the unique way Keralan artisans use clay to create stunning pots and other household items.


First sip : Persistence for life

Creativity : Hand pots are arranged in a pattern

the-creative-transformers-culture-photography-basil mathew

The creative transformers : An ancient method of India pot making

Shaping the life : The art of pottery

merging-culture-photography-basil mathew

Merging : Yellow color merging with hand

uniqueness-of-hands-culture-photography-basil mathew

Uniqueness of hands : Human hand can create marvels

leading-culture-photography-basil mathew

Leading : Good thinking leads to good creativity

light-and-shadow-culture-photography-basil mathew

Light and shadow : Lights and shadow play the major role pottery

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