The portfolio “Impressions” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Portrait, Macro, Art & Culture, Birds, Street, Animals, Abstract, Landscape, Architecture, Product, and Fashion. This book is about making an impression of stories on people. Along with that, one will go through the courteous, polite, empathetic, considerate, and beautiful frames along the journey. As the saying goes almost everyone will make a good first impression. But only a few will make a good lasting impression. Thereupon, to prove that this project got into practice.

In this book, one will witness the sentiments. As it encompasses a broad range of feelings, behavior, and changes in the body and mind. Moreover, the journey continues through the most cultured and peaceful states in India, i.e, Kerala. Hence, in art and culture photography, there are classical, folk, fine arts, and temple music art forms. Along with that, one will get a primeval attachment with the abstract. Furthermore, in landscape photography, the voyage goes through the sunset and sunrise, which makes the mind feel refreshed. And the last but not the least is product shoots, where one can enjoy the product carried off by a traveller.

Pranavika MohitePatil, Pune, Maharashtra.

pranavika mohitepatel pune maharashta

Pranavika MohitePatil here is from Pune, Maharashtra. As a photojournalist, she says photography is seeing beauty in everything. Henceforth she has completed her portfolio “Impressions” with ease. Moreover, she wants to bring out the ground reality of the world through the photographs and videos, in order to reveal the situations people are confronted with. She has completed her Professional Diploma in the art of photography from the Creative hut institute of photography, Kerala, India.

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